Novelty Contact Lenses are Fun if Used Safely

It must be Halloween or you are in a play if you are thinking about buying novelty contact lenses. Quite a few of the special effects that are shown in the movies are done with these special costume contact lenses. They can be really enticing to wear because they certainly are different, but they must be used safely and with caution. Some of the styles and ways you can wear them are:

? Put on a black cat suit and one of the different styles and colors of cat eyes

? Dress in red with a fork and wear devil lenses

? Put on a tuxedo and wear vampire lenses

? Make your eyes appear red or black with total coverage

? If you want to support your favorite NFL team, you can get contacts that display your team name

? You can look like a reptile with a green lens and a black vertical slit going through it

? A whimsical lens would be a smiley face, flower, or dollar signs

? Contact lenses that feature flames would be fun for a devil costume

? Lenses can change color if when exposed to a black light so they would be even more noticeable at a club

? Show your patriotism with an American flag, or the Union Jack.

? There are eye drops that you can put in your eye to make them appear dead

? What kind of animal do you want to look like? How about a cat, jaguar, zebra, wolf or reptile?

? A novelty contact lens used in one eye only would look really scary or funky.

? These are only a few of the wild choices that you can find online from a reputable dealer or from your eye care professional.

There is a down side to the use of novelty lenses. All of the costume lenses on the market are seen by the FDA as medical devices so you must have a prescription to buy them. They do not carry any kind of corrective prescription; it is just as though they were a plain pair of glasses with fake lenses in them. Black market contacts have been more places than ever before. You might find the novelty lenses in a gas station, flea market, or salon. If you get them from somewhere other than a reputable distributor, you could be inviting serious permanent eye injury. Definitely stay away from those lenses because you just can't put your eyes at such risk. They can also present a danger because many of the styles limit the amount of light that enters the eye. Your peripheral vision may also be restricted, causing problems while driving or even walking.

Novelty contact lenses can be safe to wear as long as you follow the guidelines from your eye care professional. Never swap lenses with your friends. If they aren't fitted specifically for you, they can cause eye injury and will be very uncomfortable to wear. You wouldn't do that with corrective contacts and you shouldn't do that with these. Clean them just as you would other lenses, and don't sleep or swim in them. If you get a proper prescription from your eye doctor and get them from a reputable dealer, you should be able to have fun with the lenses and create the theatrical or scary look you are trying to achieve.

Beverly Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying contact lenses, reading glasses, safety glasses and more. Her many articles found on and _glasses.htm give information and tips to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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