Boost Your Expert Status, Write Articles

Writing an article is not an easy task. You have to have an attention grabbing headline, new content and most importantly, a vision to be seen as an expert. Your knowledge of your industry can bring you the visible creditability that you have been looking. That is what being a guru is about.

Don't expect to be paid for your work. That's right. You have to do it for free. The rewards are greater than you can imagine. Gurus write to promote themselves, their company or their products or services. If your work is published where there is a high readership, than your company can attract business you would not otherwise of had access to.

Some careful consideration should be given to the following questions?

 Who should you write for?

 What type of articles should you write?

 Do you already know editors that you can approach, now?

Keep in mind that each magazine or publication will have its own requirements, such as length of article, type of content and deadline.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel for every publication. You can submit the same article to several publications. However, you many need to reformat the piece to meet the requirements of each publication. You do not want to submit the same article to competitors.

You can use the wide world web to publish your article. This gives you instant gratification. Imagine viewing your article immediately after you post it. Writing articles for the internet can not only boost your expert status, but it will draw traffic to your website. If you are good, people will want to hear want you have to say.

You will not have a targeted audience, in most instances, when you post to the internet, unfortunately. It will still draw traffic and possibly potential clients. There are many sites that you can post your articles to for free. This is a low cost way to self promote.

If you decide to publish your works in magazines, you will have a targeted audience. Of course, you must do your research on the type of readership for each publication.

Your articles will take on a life of their own, over time, and it does not matter if they are published on the internet, newsletter or magazine. Once they are published they will be reprinted often and readily accessible for long periods of time.

Write quality articles and let them speak for you. Yes, it will take some time. Make writing one new article a month and getting it published one of your goals. Organize your time to make it happen. It will pay off in the end.

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