Contact Lens Makeup Safety Tips

If your teenage daughter wants to wear contact lenses, you may have some reservations, so get as much information as you can for her when it comes to applying makeup. Contacts are nice because eyeglasses may get in the way if your teen plays sports and girls like their pretty eyes to show instead of being hidden by eyeglasses. Your teen needs to be responsible so that she will take care of them and put on her makeup with eye care in mind. If you misuse cosmetics when wearing contacts, you may develop allergies, dry eye, injury, infection, or deposits on the lenses. There are a lot of things you can do to safely put on makeup if you wear contacts. Here are some tips and product information when it comes to applying makeup safely around the eyes:

? Wash your hands prior to putting in each contact, then apply makeup

? Don't expose your eyes to water while wearing contacts

? Take out the lenses before you remove your makeup. Avoid greasy or oily makeup removers as they may build up on the contact lenses

? Avoid getting too close to the eye with any type of makeup

? Use makeup that is hypoallergenic to avoid sensitivity. Use only well known trusted brand names

? Use water soluble makeup

? Don't use waterproof mascara as it may permanently adhere to the lens. Also avoid mascara that contains volume building fibers

? Avoid eye shadow that is powder. Use only gel, liquid or cream. Never use eye shadow that is frosted or iridescent. These may contain oyster shells or mica.

? Do not use eyeliner that is directly drawn on the rim of the eye. Keep all eyeliner pencils sharp enough so the wood doesn't scratch the surface of the eye

? Use pressed powders

? Don't use hairspray or other aerosols if you have already put in your lenses. Allow all hairspray to settle before walking into a room that has just been sprayed. Many times hair products can irritate the eyes and they are more susceptible now to problems because you wear contacts.

? Keep all nail polish remover and perfumes away from your contacts.

? Never swap makeup application sponges or brushes with your friends and wash your application brushes frequently

? Don't put on make up if your eyes are already red or swollen, this will only irritate them more

? Beware of flaking mascara because pieces of nylon can reach the eye and never purchase mascara refills

? Never use saliva or water to thin cosmetics

? Never swap your contacts with your friends

? Never wear the contacts if they become cracked, chipped or torn

? You may want to use an eye wash to remove any excess oils from makeup residual ? Replace your cosmetics every six months to avoid bacterial growth

? Never apply eye makeup while in a car or worse yet while driving

If your teenager follows a few common sense ways of putting on makeup properly and purchasing the right products, there should be no problems with the contacts, or maintaining eye health and safety.

Beverly Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying contact lenses, reading glasses, safety glasses and more. Her many articles found on and _glasses.htm give information and tips to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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