Financial Planners Publicity - Increase Your Search Engine Ranking with Web Articles

The goal of free publicity is to get your name in front of as many people as possible. So if you write an article, don't bury it on your web site.

Why hide it? You want as many eyes as possible to see your intelligent professional advice. So offer that article to other web sites.

Articles you author that appear on someone else's web site ? a professional association's, another organization's, your target market's news and resource sites ? are powerful publicity tools. Get on them. When prospective clients find your article on someone else's site, you can drive them right over to your site by telling them they will find deeper information there.

Not only does having articles on other web sites bring web users directly to your site, it also helps improve your search engine ranking. The major search engines now rank sites based on how many other sites link to it. The more places a link to your site appears, the higher you will appear on the search engines.

I've gotten to the top of a search engine search page on the strength of just one article linked to my site. So many people search for services on the Internet now, anything that pushes you up the rankings is a major marketing boon.

Ned Steele works with people in professional services who want to build their practice and accelerate their growth. The president of Ned Steele's MediaImpact, he is the author of 102 Publicity Tips To Grow a Business or Practice. To learn more visit or call 212-243-8383.

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Trump’s Articles of Impeachment Are Writing Themselves, With Echoes of Richard Nixon Growing Stronger  The InterceptBuzzFeed News dropped one of the biggest bombshells of the Trump presidency: that Donald Trump asked Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.
My daughter asked me to stop writing about motherhood. Here’s why I can’t do that.  Washington PostPromising not to write about her anymore would mean shutting down a vital part of myself, which isn't necessarily good for me or her.
FanDuel NBA Breakdown: Friday, 1/18 – Boogie’s Back!  Fantasy CPRWelcome back to the Friday edition of the FanDuel NBA Breakdown! I'm “Thunder Dan” and I love playing and writing about FanDuel NBA DFS. I had to take ...
Faber Writing Academy Scholarships announced  Books+PublishingBooks+Publishing. Faber Writing Academy Scholarships announced. Allen & Unwin has announced the recipients of the 2019 Faber Writing Academy ...
"Writing with a Purpose" | Commentary and opinion  Lake County ExaminerAs a still fairly new writer in the community, I've realized that although my stay in Lakeview has been short, people read the writing I share.
Writing for fantasy football fans a dream come true for Winnipeg high school student  CBC.caA Winnipeg high school student and football fan is taking a week off school to chase his dream — all the way to Alabama. Carter Donnick, a Grade 11 student at ...
Thank you Gideon Levy, keep on writing!  Arutz ShevaYou have exposed the untrammelled hate of the hard Left better than any pro-Israel writer or investigative journalist ever could.
John Bogle, the Apostle of Index Funds, Never Gave Up  BloombergHis ideas were initially dismissed as “folly,” but today Vanguard has $5 trillion under management.
Wheaton College, Controversial Speakers, and Some Factivism | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer  ChristianityToday.comYesterday, I shared an article entitled “Abortion, Black Lives Matter, and Wheaton.” I was responding to several articles from Ryan Bomberger, who spoke at ...
Laura Ingraham: Big questions about life and viability face the Supreme Court over ailing Bader Ginsburg  Fox NewsThe left relies on the Supreme Court to advance their causes, which is why the stakes over Ruth Bader Ginsburg are so high.
Deadpool Writers' Show Wayne Delivers Fast Cars, Gangsters, And Metal In New Clip  GameSpotWayne is a violent action comedy and it releases on Youtube Premium this week.
Working Scientist podcast: Grant application essentials  Nature.comExpert advice on how to get the details of a grant submission right, and planning for "curveball questions" if you are asked to deliver an oral presentation. ...
'Time to start talking about consent': Thailand's nascent #MeToo moment  The GuardianA web project that let people share stories of sexual assault is growing into an influential force for change.
Leigh Alexander on finding joy and connection online  The VergeAn interview with the author of "Online Reunion" from Better Worlds, The Verge's sci-fi project about hope. Leigh Alexander discusses finding joy and connection ...
Shutdown will cast a long shadow over research  Nature.comThe sudden halt to US government functions leaves me worried about the effects on science for years to come, says Anne Jefferson.
'Impeach Donald Trump': 5 takeaways from The Atlantic's new cover story  Deseret NewsThe Atlantic's new cover story argues for the impeachment of Donald Trump. The Deseret News takes a look at its arguments.
Der Spiegel Fires Award-Winning Writer, Citing Fabrication on ‘Grand Scale’  The New York TimesThe German magazine Der Spiegel said on Wednesday that it had fired an award-winning journalist for fabricating “on a grand scale” in his articles, weaving ...
How to build a Bandersnatch  GamesIndustry.bizDevelopers shares advice on how to create interactive movie games that can stand toe-to-toe with Black Mirror's latest.
Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Debuts New Marvel Character: Major X  IGNRob Liefeld, co-creator of Deadpool, Cable, Domino and more, has announced a six-issue limited series featuring a new Marvel character: Major X.
How to use '20% time' to manage pet projects  Nature.comInspired by a Google initiative, Carsten Lund Pedersen describes how he balances personal projects and the demands of a research programme.
Pelosi Suggests Trump Delay State of the Union Over Shutdown  BloombergHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested in a letter to President Donald Trump that he postpone his State of the Union address due to the partial government ...
The 25 Best Netflix Original Series :: TV :: Lists :: Netflix :: Paste  Paste MagazinePaste ranks the 25 best titles from the streaming platform's catalogue of original series.
A reporter’s dispatch from Trump country featured a ‘Mexicans Keep Out’ sign. But he made it all up.  Washington PostWhen an out-of-town journalist showed up in Fergus Falls, Minn., in February 2017, Michele Anderson couldn't help but feel skeptical. Claas Relotius had been ...
Facebook's '10 Year Challenge' Is Just a Harmless Meme—Right?  WIREDOpinion: The 2009 vs. 2019 profile picture trend may or may not have been a data collection ruse to train its facial recognition algorithm. But we can't afford to ...
Is there such a thing as too much self-care? One woman found out.  Washington PostMarianne Power had me at hello. I'd only read a few pages of her blog-turned-memoir, “Help Me!: One Woman's Quest to Find Out If Self-Help Really Can ...
Copyright directive faces tough test as EU ambassadors meet  EURACTIVEU ambassadors convene on Friday morning (18 January) to try and reach a provisional deal on the controversial copyright directive ahead of final "trialogue" ...
YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Is Too Quirky For Its Own Good :: Games :: Reviews :: YIIK :: Paste  Paste MagazineYIIK is trying a lot. I generally think of “trying” as a good thing, in the sense that games that shoot for the moon are generally more likely to land somewhere ...
Ulysses S. Grant Wins the Long Game  BloombergThings have been looking up for Ulysses S. Grant. Historians have variously portrayed the Civil War general as a hero or a drunk, national savior or bilge pump ...
Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday, I've Stopped Checking Facebook  Wall Street JournalFacebook gives you a daily reminder of your friends' special day. Now that people are deactivating their accounts or taking breaks, those key dates are getting ...
The DC: Prisoners released under the First Step Act, and... Should Trump be allowed to give a State of the Union address? (Plus...a sneak peek of our podcast!)  Countableby Countable | Updated on 1.17.19. Welcome to Thursday, captains of this ship of state... Some of the first eligible federal prisoners have been released under ...
Program introduces students to researching, writing a thesis  Moorpark AcornADVANCED RESEARCH—Moorpark High School teachers Zara Navarro, left, and Bridgette “Jett” Clyne lead the Advanced Placement Capstone program, ...
How Blood Bowl PC fanatics are taking player-run leagues to the extreme  Eurogamer.netBlood Bowl was originally a tabletop miniatures game released by that most holy of British institutions, Games Workshop, back in the '80s. Yet it wasn't unt…
Why Ex-Churchgoers Flocked to Trump  The American ConservativeIf you've ever been to a Donald Trump rally, you'll notice it doesn't match the impression left by the media coverage of the president's base. Anger, for instance ...
Americans Have a Right to Boycott, Even If It's Wrong  The American ConservativeI am not in favor of boycotting Israel. Israel has been a good ally. I have traveled to Israel, and it was one of the best and most meaningful trips I have taken with ...
Unity CEO clarifies Improbable violations, future plans in AMA  GamesIndustry.bizAs the dust settles on the week-long back-and-forth between Unity and Improbable, Unity CEO John Riccitiello and CTO Joachim Ante took to Reddit for an Ask ...
So, I Got an Email From Matthew Whitaker’s Wife  SlateMarci Whitaker, wife of the acting attorney general, says the Mueller investigation is “wrapping up.”
In the Shadow of the CMS  The Nation.How *content*-management systems will shape the future of media businesses big and small.
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review  IGNTravis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has Suda51's eccentric charm alongside repetitive hack and slash gameplay.
How Trump Could Wind up Making Globalism Great Again  WIREDOK, so it was never great in the first place. But the rise of rank nationalists could finally—perversely—spark an era of progress and cooperation for all humanity.
English made easy by the language coach (writing articles)  Bulawayo24 NewsArticles are magazine and newspaper style essays. As part of your ZIMSEC English Language examination you can be asked to write an article on a chosen ...
Lin-Manuel Miranda changes Hamilton lyrics during Puerto Rico show to stop audience member filming  The IndependentHamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda changed the lyrics to one of his own songs to stop an audience member from filming a recent performance. Miranda ...
How to write a thorough peer review  Nature.comScientists receive too little peer-review training. Here's one method for effectively peer-reviewing papers, says Mathew Stiller-Reeve.
How to earn money by writing articles online  TechGenYZDue to the penetration of internet making money has become more easy online. Here are the 4 thinhs you should consider to make money online.
FACT CHECK: Did Second Lady Karen Pence Work at a School That Bans LGBT Teachers and Students?  Snopes.comThe wife of Vice President Mike Pence resumed her work as an art teacher at the Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia in January 2019.
Writing a Book or Article? Now's the Time to Create Your 'Author Platform'  The Chronicle of Higher EducationAn author platform means you are seeking the right readers for your work and putting yourself forward as an authority.
Balancing Creativity and SEO in Content Writing  EntrepreneurIn the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), *content* is king. Be it website copy, blog posts or guest posting, *content* is an integral part of effective SEO.
How Writers Map Their Imaginary Worlds  Atlas ObscuraOne of life's great treats, for a lover of books (especially fantasy books), is to open a cover to find a map secreted inside and filled with the details of a land about ...
Writing as Fast as Reality | by Yasmine El Rashidi  The New York Review of BooksI read the first two novels of Ali Smith's seasonal quartet in Cairo, where long, warm, sunny days make up most of the year. In a city whose pace—a down-tempo ...
Is Professional Writing the Missing Link in High School English Classes?  Education WeekIf you want a hint of the gap between students' writing skills and workplace demands, look at Amanda Baker's new English class in Wayne, Mich.
The Future of SEO & Content: Can AI Replace Human Writers?  Search Engine JournalIf you're a *content* creator, should you just give up? Let's meet these robot writers and review the state of AI and SEO *content* creation to find out.
How to Make Students Care About Writing  The AtlanticPirette McKamey, a veteran English teacher, spent 30 years investigating what helps young people to view themselves as writers.
Can artificial intelligence create content as well as a human?  ClickZAn email from Articoolo, a company with technology that involves *content* created by artificial intelligence, got us wondering, so we commissioned AI to write an ...
How to write a first-class paper  Nature.comSix experts offer advice on producing a manuscript that will get published and pull in readers.
How to Sort Through a Cornucopia of Television Shows  The New York TimesOur assistant TV editor has a state-of-the-art setup for watching shows and movies. But here's what happens when there can be too much *content* to choose.
How Writing An Article A Day Will Change Your Life (And Your Business)  Forbes NowIf you're looking for a way to improve your business, and improve yourself in the process, take the challenge to write an article every day.
Slightly More Than 100 Fantastic Articles  The AtlanticA list of nonfiction journalism from 2017 that will stand the test of time.
Know thyself… by writing your first novel  The GuardianDig deep inside, battle self-doubt and become the person you know you can be. Richard Skinner on the healing powers of writing a novel.
How to Get Thousands of Views on Your LinkedIn Content  EntrepreneurLinkedIn is a *content* platform that allows you to get massive visibility with your ideal clients at no cost -- if you do it right.
An NHL Player With an Unusual Side Gig: Writing Children’s Books  Wall Street JournalThe Maple Leafs' Zach Hyman wrote three children's books while in the process of scoring 89 points in 210 NHL games.
Stupid writing tricks: Trying hard to fail with an iPad  MacworldNo matter how many people use the iPad professionally, we can not seem to put to rest this old saw of pundits: “CAN the iPad be use as a professional tool?!
The world's most prolific writer is a Chinese algorithm  BBC NewsA new program can produce 20000 lines of ad copy a second. But is it any good?
I Get Paid $6,000 a Day to Write Inspirational Quotes for Instagram. Here's How I Perfected This Dream Job  Money MagazineEven on Instagram, words matter. Most of us don't think about it, but those words you see on many social media posts — like inspirational quotes or sayings ...
Why we need an award for writers who start later in life  The GuardianSome authors worry they are past it at 30, forgetting the careers of Chandler, Defoe and many others. Which is where the Christopher Bland prize comes in.
What’s All This About Journaling?  The New York TimesIt was my ex-husband who got me journaling again. Our marriage was falling apart, and, on the advice of his friend, he had started to do “morning pages,” a daily ...
A journalist's 12 tips to writing good content  The DrumGood writing isn't easy, nor should it be. The fact that every man and his dog thinks he can write these days only serves to make the role of writers more ...
‘100 Kegs or Bust’: Kavanaugh friend, Mark Judge, has spent years writing about high school debauchery  Washington PostThe high-court nominee's accuser says Mark Judge was there and should have to testify.
4 Tips for Writing a Good Artist Statement  ArtsyWe spoke to art writing experts to find out the best practices for writing a strong, effective artist statement.
As TV Seeks Diverse Writing Ranks, Rising Demand Meets Short Supply  The New York TimesShows are scrambling to hire more minorities, but the pipeline of experienced writers is thin, a problem of the industry's own making.
12 Great Pieces of Food Writing From Jonathan Gold  Eater LAWhen Jonathan Gold was writing for the LA Weekly, he wrote nearly twice as many vignettes and recommendations as he did full-on reviews.
Inside the 'cybernetic newsroom' where Reuters' robots are great at research but not at writing articles  The DrumReuters, the historic news agency that once delivered its reports by pigeon courier, is building what it is calling the world's first 'cybernetic newsroom'.
Grab Readers' Attention With These 13 Headline Writing Tips  Forbes NowAs *content* marketing efforts have dramatically increased for modern brands, so has the importance of writing catchy, clickable headlines for online copy.
The art of writing a judgment  The HinduJudicial academies must focus on equipping trainee judges with skills to write accurate, simple, bias-free orders.
Senior White House Officials Deny Writing Anonymous Op-Ed Piece  Wall Street JournalTop Trump administration officials raced to deny authorship of an anonymous column critical of the president, and senior White House aides privately ...
Read Jamal Khashoggi’s columns for The Washington Post  Washington PostJamal Khashoggi, a veteran Saudi journalist who Turkish officials say was killed in Istanbul after walking into the consulate of Saudi Arabia, has been writing a ...
The key to a happy lab life is in the manual  Nature.comA well-crafted set of guidelines and advice can save time, reassure trainees and promote a positive lab culture, argues Mariam Aly.
Computer Stories: A.I. Is Beginning to Assist Novelists  The New York TimesBERKELEY, Calif. — Robin Sloan has a collaborator on his new novel: a computer. The idea that a novelist is someone struggling alone in a room, equipped ...
Harness the power of groups to beat the 'PhD blues'  Nature.comDoctoral students can use writing meet-ups to overcome isolation and depression — and boost their motivation, says Karra Harrington.
Is Bitcoin Creator Writing a Book? Cryptic Note Indicates Yes  BloombergIs the unknown creator of Bitcoin writing a book about it? That could be concluded from a cryptic message posted Friday at a website possibly linked to Satoshi ...
Write fiction to discover something new in your research  Nature.comCreative writing can help you to approach your science from a completely different perspective — and boost its impact, says Amanda C. Niehaus.
New York Mag Article Calls Priyanka Chopra 'Global Scam Artist' for Marrying Nick Jonas  News18The Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas wedding may have wound up but the buzz generated by the big fat Indian wedding refuses to die down not just at home but ...
Over 1000 Writing Prompts for Students  New York TimesOf all the resources we publish on The Learning Network, perhaps it's our vast collection of writing prompts that is our most widely used resource for teaching ...
A simple 5 step guide on how to write effective and popular legal articles  Legally IndiaWriting a great legal article is truly amazing. Not only it will be published in a good, well-known website or blog, thereby increasing your brand value and visibility ...
Ames Talks Writing With Kelly Clarkson & Premieres Donnie Darko-Themed 'Picture In My Mind' Video: Watch  BillboardAmy Kuney prefers the unconventional route. “It's hard for me to do anything straightforward,” the singer/songwriter, who performs under the moniker Ames, tells ...
Jamal Khashoggi was barred from writing in Saudi Arabia after he criticized Trump, then left his native country  Business InsiderJamal Khashoggi was barred from writing and making public appearances by the Saudi royal family after he criticized President Donald Trump in late 2016.
How to Make Time to Write When You ‘Have No Time’  LifehackerThis week we have a guy who desperately wants to escape his soulless career and become a writer, but he's too busy to write. Should he leave his job so he ...
We Could All Use a Little Snail Mail Right Now  The New York TimesWhat the world needs now? Handwritten cards and letters.
RCNi guidance on writing and submitting articles for publication  RCNiHere at RCNi, we aim to inform and to encourage critical reflection among nurses by publishing articles that have clear implications for practice.
Black Male Writers for Our Time  New York TimesThese 32 American men, and their peers, are producing literature that is essential to how we understand our country and its place in the world right now.
What Posting More Than 300 Articles in a Year Taught Me About Freelance Writing  EntrepreneurMy freelance writing journey started about six years ago in my penultimate year as a law student -- and after failing at so many other business attempts. I always ...
You're Not a “Grant Writer”  The NonProfit Times“The terms grantwriter and grantwriting are ubiquitous,” according to Barbara Floersch of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “But they're not right.”.
We thought the Incas couldn’t write. These knots change everything  New Scientist NewsA lost language encoded in intricate cords is finally revealing its secrets – and it could upend what we know about Incan history and culture.
Writers/Photographers guidelines :: Earth Island Journal  Earth Island JournalWriter's Guidelines. Earth Island Journal is always looking for compelling and distinctive stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become ...
From punishing to pleasurable, how cursive writing is looping back into our hearts  Washington PostA new generation discovers the tactile joys of an old-school lost art.
Narendra Modi thanks Portuguese PM for writing article on Independence Day  Mid-DayI thank Mr. Antonio Costa, the Prime Minister of Portugal for penning a wonderful article on the occasion of India s Independence Day, in one of Portugal s ...
Why you should read this article slowly  The GuardianAmid fears of shrinking attention spans, it's time to stop skimming our screens and try slow reading – it is rich in rewards.
A physicist is writing one Wikipedia entry a day to recognize women in science  CNNWhen she's not working in a physics lab, one London researcher is making sure women in science get the recognition they deserve.
What I Learned By Writing 500 LinkedIn Articles  Forbes NowI joined LinkedIn in the very early days, but then went years without getting a single piece of business from the social network. Fortunately, this changed when I ...
Technical Experts Need to Get Better at Telling Stories Daily“If only we could tell our stories better,” is a refrain I hear often from people I work with in the science and technology community. And I understand why.
How this 25-year-old freelancer made $150,000 in 6 months off Fiverr  CNBCFor this millennial, what started as a simple side hustle has blossomed into a six-figure business on freelancer platform Fiverr.
10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing  The Chronicle of Higher EducationHow to write a grant proposal that has the best chance of getting approved.

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