Get Creative In The Great Outdoors

Summer's here and the time is write for dancing in the streets...

Okay - so I didn't create that phrase - ("Dancing In The Streets" words and music by Ivy Jo Hunter, William Stevenson and Marvin Gaye) - but my take on it is creative?

Anyway, as the sun begins to heat up the days of summer this month, why not let the warm temperatures, bright skies, and traditional fun of summer sizzle your creative juices?

Grab some paper and a pen, perhaps your trusty thesaurus and dependable dictionary, or maybe even your lap-top, and get out of the house to write!

Set up shop in your own backyard (if you happen to have a fairly private area where you can write without distraction of neighbors talking, kids playing or other unnecessary noise that could prove to prevent you from concentrating on your work).

Pack a picnic lunch, a comfy blanket or maybe a beach chair, some cool shades and head for one of your favorite places of summer.

I personally find water relaxing, so I would camp out at the river's edge, beside a lake, or along a creek in the country.

Some writers may not find solitude so soothing and seek out a crowded place to write instead.

If you can stay focused on your writing, you may actually get some interesting ideas or instant inspiration by watching people and listening to their conversations.

Try to think of an outdoor cafe or community gathering spot that is bustling with activity and people in the summer time.

Choose whichever scenario works for you. But do not let the benefits of sunshine slip by without utilizing them to enhance your writing this summer!

Have an idea about how to make your creativity sizzle this summer?

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