Need a Book Coach, Ghost Writer, or Editor? Part 2

If you either want to write a book to help others create a better life and boost business or you already have your book nearly finished, you may need book coaching to answer all of your questions "What step to take next?"

Know Your Editing Choices

  • Line editing. Use this final professional edit after you have already revised your work three times. These three revisions include: excluding all redundancies, reworking all the words and sentences so they are your finest with few passive verb constructions (aim for 2-4%) and relatively short sentences. Finally, look at headings, paragraphs and transitions to make sure your message carries power through placement and is easy to read. These editors charge $50 an hour or more.

  • Developmental editing. While you put your writing, ideas and sentences forth, a developmental editor will not just polish your syntax, but fill in gaps you don't want to take time for. It's practically like ghost-writing and you need to choose a really professional editor who will not do this work on spec, but will charge you an hourly fee of $60 an hour plus or by the project.

  • Ghost writing. You give your topic, thesis and chapter focuses to a person you want to finish the research, put it together in chapter form, and write it to sell well. Again, you need to hire a real professional who specializes in ghost writing for your kind of book, whether it is a novel, memoir, how-to or history. These professionals also charge $60 plus an hour or by the project.

Seek a Book Coach First before you waste time or money going down a path that does not serve you.


Benefits a Book Coach Brings

1. A coach can look at your idea or topic and ask you a few questions.

  • What's your book's purpose?

  • Where are you now with this project?

  • What chapters are finished?

  • Is your introduction and table of contents done?

  • Does your title convince your preferred audience to buy?

  • Do you know your audience inside and out? Prospective buyers will ask you, "Why should I buy your book?" Can you tell them in a few sentences?

  • is this topic your # one passion?

  • Are you willing to put in two-three years to get the word out with traditional promoting?

  • Or eight months to a year with internet marketing?

Depending on your answers, you will learn from your coach what you need to do next.

The biggest mistakes emerging writers make, even if they are professionals:

  • They don't know their book's many benefits and features. Knowing these first before you write a chapter assist you in writing a focused, well-organized, compelling book that speaks directly to your potential buyer. If they think it is easy to read, they will buy now and tell their friends.

  • They don't have a book plan beyond a good idea and notes they have written. If you want your book to get read you need to answer all of your customer's questions. When a book coach guides you in this process, you write consistent chapters that practically write themselves with half the edits you usually have.

  • They have the idea but don't know their audience first. It's always better to know what an audience wants, then write the book for them. Today, look to online readers who join ezines for free information. These people want new material in all subjects for their web sites as well as possibly buying your plan (book) to help them succeed.

  • They don't realize today's audience wants shorter books, and will print eBooks under 100 pages. A book coach can show you how to write your print and eBook at the same time. You don't have to publish with a traditional publisher either. The shorter route is self-publishing. Find out about how it works before you chase a route that won't suit you. Even if you are not a techie, learn from the coach how you can get your book out directly from your home or office.

    Finally, think of your book as a lifetime profit center. Invest in the service that gives you what you need to sell well.

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