Soothing The Itch - Natural Remedies For Itchy Skin

Has your scalp or skin ever been uncomfortably itchy? Do you know someone who has an itchy scalp or itchy skin? Itching can cause extreme misery for the sufferer, however many causes of itchiness can be solved with simple remedies. There are many reasons why the scalp or skin may be irritated. So before you seek a dermatologist's help, ask yourself the following:

1)Are you using a shampoo or shower gel made from detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate? Although these detergents lather wonderfully they can dry your scalp or skin out to the point of being extremely itchy. Consider switching to a natural soap-based liquid or bar cleanser, or try making your own cleansers yourself. Natural soaps are much kinder to the skin and scalp because they are made from vegetable oils instead of petroleum derivatives.

2)Is your laundry detergent making your skin itch? Laundry detergents are made from harsh cleansers and they are so strong that some of the residue may be left on your clothes even after the rinse cycle. When you dry your clothes, that laundry detergent residue is left on them. When you wear your clothes the laundry detergent residue comes into contact with your skin. As an alternative try a natural laundry powder available at health food stores or make your own soap, grate it, and use it as a natural laundry powder.

3)Are you suffering from allergic reactions to one or more food items? Commercially prepared foods contain many different ingredients which can sometimes cause allergic reactions. Try changing your diet by eliminating one food item at a time and see if this helps.

4)Has your skin come into contact with a bacteria or fungus that could cause itching (like athlete's foot)? Try applying tea tree oil, or a product containing tea tree oil to the spot that is irritated. According to Dr. Ruth Winter, M.S., author of A Consumer's Dictionary Of Cosmetic Ingredients, tea tree oil is "eleven to 13 times stronger than carbolic acid" and is non-toxic to the skin.

5) Are you suffering from bug bites? Bites from mosquitos and other insects usually swell and cause intense itching. Try applying several drops of lavender essential oil directly on the bug bite itself to soothe the itching.

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