Have You Settled On First Choice When Choosing A Title?

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We've established what a title should be and we've also established your title is your selling tool. So if it can make or break the sale of your story, then we'll have to agree that it is extremely important. How much emphasis have you placed when selecting a title?

  • You can't write a story before titling it, so you jotted down the first thing that came to mind.

  • You added it as an afterthought when you completed the story.

  • You put a lot of thought into it and selected the best one.

    I hope it was the latter ? and I hope you did this?

  • You noted down as many titles as you could think of

  • Then crossed out the titles you thought were 'so-so'

  • And kept the most grabbing title of them all?

    You did do this, didn't you?

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