Non Prescription Cats Eye Contact Lenses - Animal Attraction!

Long gone are the days when a set of contact lenses were the domain of the visually impaired. These days, non prescription lenses are available to all, even if you are blessed with 20:20 vision. In fact, most of the special effects lenses available on the internet have 0.00 power, which means that they do no alter your vision at all. These types of lenses in particular, like cats eyes for example, are ideally suited for those just wanting a set of lenses to wear to the party, parade on the dance floor or just to frighten your unruly neighbours!

A cat's eye contact lens can be quite striking, especially if the color resembles your natural eye color. Your friends will notice the change, but the effect will be very subtle. Many movie or rock stars now use special fx lenses away from their place of work, purely for the cosmetic effect. And a very powerful effect it is too!

Imagine the scene at a night club, as you casually walk towards someone you would like to impress, with your eyelids down and head bowed, then raise your head, smile, and open your eyes wide right in front of them. Wow! Wouldn't that be a spectacular introduction?

Just make sure you don't ask for your drinks in a saucer ....

Taking Care of Your Eyes


Despite the fact that lenses like the cat's eye effect are particularly suitable for non prescription cases, you should still take great care with them, and seek professional advice to ensure that your eyes do not suffer from improper use. If you have poor eyesight already, you may be familiar with contact lenses and be able to fit them with confidence. If however, your vision is good, how will you know how to:-

* Insert your lenses into your eyes, and later how to remove them.

* Clean your lenses properly

* Store your lenses correctly

Each of these points is critical to the long life of your lenses, but more importantly, to the continued good health of your eyes. The correct fitting of your lens is important for your own comfort, because a loose fitting lens will float away from the eye. A good fitting lens will also help avoid scratching of the cornea when you try and remove them.

And don't share your lenses with your friends. A guaranteed way to pass eye infections such as conjunctivitis and worse between you.

Charlie Cory is an internet entrepeneur. FX Eyes is his latest enterprise, specialising in special effects contact lenses.

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