Tips For A Glowing Skin

Do you know how and where to moisturize? Here are some helpful hints?

MOISTURISING our skin is essential to maintain that 'young, beautiful' look. On another note, is it necessary to moisturize all areas of your skin? The answer is NO. Many models actually go to private 'beauty' classes to learn how, when and where to moisturize their skin. So, learn your skin type, don't be 'afraid to try many products before settling on one.

1. Do not over moisturize as it can lead to clogged pores. Your forehead and cheeks tend to be the drier areas. There is no need to moisturize your chin if it is not needed.

2. Most women misdiagnose their skin type. This can cause improper moisturizing. You also need to change your techniques of moisturizing with the changes of seasons. Know about the various moisturizers -

3. When using a moisturizer, always apply it to the skin in a circulatory motion. Pat your skin with the tips of your fingers gently as if playing a tune on a piano. This is also a great stimulant for your skin.

4. Tired of buying moisturizers too often? Here is how to make them last longer. Use a small amount of natural vegetable oil as a base first. This will help make your moisturizer last much longer.

5. Use a moisturizer as a base before applying your foundation. For best results, wait until the moisturizer is dry and then apply foundation. However, if your foundation is somewhat dry; then apply it right away; your moisturizer will help it to loosen up a bit.

6.To get the best results from any of your facial products, rub it between your hands, this helps to heat it up, and hence, becomes easier to apply.

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About the Author: Nikhil Jain MBBS is an editor and author (, skin specialist and veteran dermatologist whose passion is guiding others to solve their skin problems and enhance their beauty.

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