The Threadlift Facelift is Here

Many people in their middle years become depressed about their 'jowly' appearance. Even those who have looked after their skin scrupulously all their lives are not immune to skin sag in their late forties or fifties.

Sagging skin is an inevitable part of aging. Unlike photo-aging which causes wrinkles, age spots, blotchy complexion and red veins, sagging skin is simply the effect of gravity over time and seems to affect the face more noticeably as it cannot be concealed by makeup.

A face lift used to be the only option open to those who wished for personal or professional reasons to restore a youthful glow to their faces. Other treatments such as laser surgery or chemical peels have no effect. Fortunately another option has appeared - the threadlift.

The threadlift, contour lift or Russian threads, call it what you will, is great for those who shudder at the thought of a surgeons knife, no matter how skilful, cutting into the skin of their face. Other bonuses are less discomfort and the much shorter downtime necessary after this non surgical option.

The threadlift procedure uses an intradermal thread which has tiny 'barbs' along its length. These barbs catch the tissues below the surface of the skin, lifting the surrounding area and producing a subtle but noticeable rejuvenating effect on the face. Tiny slits are made in the skin and the threads are inserted with needles using a zig zag type pattern to ensure they adhere properly. The small slits should heal without requiring stitches and surgical tape is usually instead. The threadlift can be done under local anaesthetic and hospitalization is not needed.

Most patients will require an average of only five days before they can resume their normal lifestyle. Opening the mouth too wide or other vigorous facial movements are not recommended before this. Some bruising and swelling is normal for a few days, ice packs can be used to reduce the swelling. The discomfort is minimal although a slight prickly sensation may be noticed for a few days after treatment.

Results may be seen immediately although most will be visible after a few weeks. The natural collagen formation in the skin tissue will eventually surround the threads which strengthen them and make the threadlift permanent within six months.

The best candidates for the threadlift are those without pronounced facial sagging. Probably those under sixty. However if you are over that and still have a reasonable amount of elasticity left in your skin. If you've looked after your skin well though the years and protected it from UV damage, the threadlift procedure may well be for you.

The threadlift procedure is a boon to those with a busy lifestyle to to those who don't want the 'mask' like appearance which sometimes results after a surgical face lift.

Like to have better looking skin? will give you detailed information on all facets of skin care. The author, Wendy Owen has had a lifetime interest in general and alternative health and skin care.

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