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Sexy People Have This: Do You?

Nothing More Sexy than Self Confidence

What you see in the mirror is awesome and the sooner you accept that, the better! I adopted the attitude very early on that I was so incredible that men would swoon and women would be asking for beauty tips and I've carried myself with that attitude my whole life. Even when I wake up with a huge pimple in the middle of my forehead, even when my face puffed up with mental-pause nonsense (menopause, I laugh in your face), even when I do look horrid, I still think I'm the most awesome horrid; if nothing else, I'm the best, always. After all, who's to say I'm not.

I see myself as beautiful because that's how I want to see myself. You could say I'm my own best friend. I build myself up, rather than tear myself down. I do the same thing regarding health so even if I feel lousy, I'm more likely to say (if asked), that I feel fine, thank you very much. It's a mental game, yes, but it's a game I play to win. I believe (which makes it true for me) that if I tell myself positive things, then positive things will follow.

Catching yourself in a negative comment is step 1, so if you hear yourself saying anything negative or demeaning to yourself, just stop right then and there, and soften your self talk. There's no sense arguing about it. Just do it, and see what happens.

Finding Beauty in all Forms

I also truly appreciate the human form (i.e. from mountainous Jabba the Hut, to Kate Moss tiny twig thin) and I love it in all styles and shapes. When I meet someone I look first into their eyes. Can I see who's inside to find the real person and see their inner beauty? Only then do I see what's outside. How someone looks on the outside is, in my opinion, not reality. I learned this when I was a teenager and thought I was such a goddess that no man could resist. I quickly learn that sure, some fellows liked me best but other guys preferred my friend. Wow, reality bites! It was a major life lesson; beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

You are a lovely human being, male, female, short, tall, sleekly thin or lusciously thick. No matter what your outer shape displays, it is the beauty within you project outwardly that people see. It's confidence and an inner glow that attracts a mate. If you're embarrassed to believe you are lovely, or just won't believe it, practice saying, "I am awesome, I am lovable, I am friggen great and you just are missing if you can't see it." You're a beautiful lady, a gorgeous guy. We've all seen movie stars who suddenly take on "sex appeal" because of the power they project. Power has always been sexy, and self confidence is your inner power. Project your inner confidence, and the beauty shines through.

You deserve the very best life has to offer, and you deserve to believe in yourself. Today, tonight and throughout all of your days, see it, believe it and you will become it.

Just for fun, today as you go about your usual routine, pretend you are the richest, most beautiful creature alive. Smile at the world with the knowledge that you are perfect, window shop knowing you can have anything you want. Hold your head high, your back straight and notice how much better you feel with this newfound confidence. Notice also how people see you differently. They smile and nod. They wonder, what is it about that lady that makes me want to watch her? What's he got, that I don't? There is a seed of beauty and self confidence inside you. Water it, nurture it, and it will grow.

Kathryn Martyn, Master NLP Practitioner, EFT counselor, Weight Loss Mentor and owner of is the author of "Changing Beliefs, Your First Step to Permanent Weight Loss," and "5 Steps to Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus."

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