Taming The Frizz

My daughter hates her hair. Several of my friends hate their hair, too. Why? Because it tends to frizz!

We're not talking afro style frizz here or even anything remotely close, but when your hair's supposed to be sleek and smooth, even the tiniest amount of frizz can be frustrating.

While I'm not going to suggest I can cure your problems, having had my share of the frizzes I've picked up a good few tips through the years and hopefully, by following them, you'll soon be experiencing frizz-free days, too.

* DO NOT wash you hair daily

Although you may feel that your hair will be dirty if you don't wash it every morning while you shower, others are very unlikely to notice. Only greasy hair will show signs of being unwashed after one day and frizzy hair is rarely greasy. On the contrary, the fact that you're stripping away your hair's natural oils is the most likely cause of your frizz problem. Leave your hair for 3-4 days between washes.

* DO use conditioner

Try to find a moisturising conditioner and use it after every wash. It's really worth paying a little extra for a good quality conditioner and if you can't afford both a good shampoo and a good conditioner, put the extra money into the conditioner.

* DO give your hair an intensive hot oil treatment

About once every third wash (if you're sticking to the 3-4 day washing guide), use a leave-in intensive conditioner on your hair. This will help replace any natural oils that your hair has lost due to the abrasive cleaners in shampoo and your hair being exposed to the elements (sun, wind etc).

* DO NOT use chemicals on your hair

Those who are unhappy with their hair have a tendency to colour it and use all sorts of other chemicals in a vain hope of somehow making it look better. The truth is, these chemicals are just adding to your problem. If your hair has a tendency to frizz, keep away from unnecessary chemical products.

* DO NOT expose your hair to the elements

Sun and wind will both dry your hair causing excessive frizzing. Try to wear a scarf or hat to cover your hair whenever you're in the sun and especially if you know you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. A scarf will also protect against wind damage. You might also consider buying hair products that protect against UV rays (they have a SPF - Sun Protection Factor).

* DO have your hair cut regularly

Those with frizzy hair will probably be happier with a short style but whatever you choose, it's important you visit your hairdresser regularly as split ends will only add to the problem.

* DO try to keep your hair dry

Damp air leads to frizz. Unfortunately, we can't always ensure that our hair will stay dry but if you think it might rain, carry an umbrella. There are some really funky looking brollies around these days so they won't cramp your style.

* DO NOT use heated styling tools

Hair dryers, straightening irons and curling tongs all damage the hair and should be avoided as much as possible. If you MUST use them, always use a protective product on your hair beforehand. If you're uncertain of the kind of product you'd need, ask your hairdresser for advice.

* DO use anti-frizz products

Products such as frizz-ease aren't just another way of getting you to part with your money. Although they'll never completely eliminate the problem, they really do help decrease it. However, it's important that you stick with the other tips, too. Using anti-frizz products alone simply isn't enough.

Although I can't promise your frizz problems will disappear, these tips should at least help you eliminate the worst of the problem.

Just remember that whatever nature's given you, it's a lot better than if you'd not been given anything at all.

Have a happy hair day!

Sharon Jacobsen is a freelance writer living in South Cheshire, England. Like most women, she spent a lot of time over the years messing around with her hair but has now learned to live with what she has. To contact Sharon, please visit http://www.sharon-jacobsen.co.uk

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