Handmade Soap Facts

How many people know what soap really is? Several of the cleansing bars that you buy at the store, for example, are detergents-and not soaps at all. They are called syndet bars, or synthetic detergent bars. They are made from synthesized chemicals and are usually much harsher than... Read More

The Eyes Have It

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci sketched and described several forms of contact lenses in 1508, and in 1632 Rene Descartes suggested the possibility of a corneal contact lens? Civilization has come a long way from these early ideas to the high-tech advancements we have to care for our eyes... Read More

Eye Spy - In Search of a Greater Lash

Shopping for mascara can be an "eye opening" experience. Who knew there were so many formulas to choose from? Thickening, lengthening, volumizing, maximizing and separating, only to name a few; it's no wonder a tube of "Maybelline Great Lash" is being sold somewhere in the world every 1.5... Read More

Living Water

A wellness of beauty for mind, body & spiritby Cathy Gatson "When the well is dry, then we know the worth of water", unfortunately manyof us take it for granted. The significance of water is so much deeper than drinking 8 to 10 glasses perday. Although vitally important; water quenches... Read More

No Flab With That Blouse is So Necessary

A guide to toning up flabby arms by Cathy GatsonWith Spring in the air and Summer just around the corner?it will soon be time to "change clothes and go"?sleeveless. If you've been shopping lately, you may have noticed many of the blouses, tops and dresses for Spring/Summer are... Read More

Deep Vein Thrombosis...an In Flight Risk

DVT?an in flight riskby Cathy Gatson Planning to do some long distance traveling this summer be it train, plane or automobile?here is some important information to pack with you to avoid this trip from being your last leg. WHAT IS IT?DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is a blood clot that... Read More

What Are Pigtails?

There really isn't a huge debate on this subject, but there are some differences of opinion. This article looks at some of the differing opinions related to pigtails hairstyle definition, attempts to find some middle ground (perhaps unsuccessfully), and closes with this author's own definition and description of the ideal... Read More

Beauty Sleep - Is It A Dream?

As women we know that a lack of sleep leaves us irritable; however most of us are unaware of the damage it may be doing to our skin? Besides being an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, getting 8 hours of sleep per night helps improve the texture and the... Read More

7 Steps to Great Makeup

1. Avoid wearing too muchMakeup is meant to enhance features not bring negative attention to you. That's what wearing too much makeup will do; it will bring you unwanted attention. Don't wear too much of anything such as:1. Eyeliner: dark, thick eyeliner will make you look overdone and will ruin... Read More

Plastic Surgey: The New Beauty Norm?

This is a good topic to discuss especially now since the popularity of all the make-over shows. I have always been curious as to why people, mostly women, have this idea that they are expected to look a certain way in order to "fit in" with society.We all would like... Read More

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An honest review of Fenty Beauty: Does Rihanna's makeup live up to the inclusivity hype?
Rihanna gave herself a nearly impossible challenge when creating her recently released Fenty Beauty makeup line. At the launch party in Brooklyn earlier this month, she told the crowd that she'd tasked herself and beauty developer Kendo Brands with ...
Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Is Exactly What Women Of Color Need — and Deserve — Right NowCosmopolitan.com
I Tried Fenty Beauty's New Highlighter — & This Is What I Really ThoughtRefinery29
Rihanna might be releasing Fenty Beauty skincareMetro
The Independent -Vogue.co.uk -Daily Sundial -Twitter
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Retailers Focus On Home And Beauty Categories As They Continue To Outperform Apparel
Several retailers throughout the day noted that the home goods and beauty categories are outperforming apparel. While some apparel specialty retailers have been reporting comps in the low- to mid-single digits, many home and beauty brands and retailers ...


How Lauren Napier Went From Zero To Beauty Guru
The mission was to empower all women to love their personal beauty, the beauty that exists under their makeup and the differences in their complexions. The larger vision, to expand the definition of beautiful in the mainstream beauty industry, an ...


Stephen King and son team up for a beauty of a horror tale
The small West Virginia town of Dooling is struggling even before the outbreak of a sleeping disease known as Aurora (named after the snoozing Sleeping Beauty princess): Drug abuse, crime, sexism and a not-so-neighborly undercurrent plague this bit of ...

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Unilever steps up beauty push with $2.7 billion Carver Korea deal
SEOUL/LONDON (Reuters) - Unilever (ULVR.L)(UNc.AS) has agreed to pay 2.27 billion euros ($2.71 billion) to buy fast-growing cosmetics company Carver Korea in its latest move to build a global beauty business. The purchase from Goldman Sachs, Bain ...
Unilever bets £2bn on booming Korean beauty trendTelegraph.co.uk
Unilever to buy Korean beauty company for $2.7 blnMarketWatch
Unilever makeover speeds up with beauty firm dealThe Times
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Kaia Gerber Is Street Style's New Beauty Star—And Here's Proof
While it may be her first season on the runway, Kaia Gerber has already established herself as the breakout model of the season to watch. As Calvin Klein's surprise show opener in New York, the It-girl and leggy newcomer took the industry by storm—and ...

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7 Scene-Stealing Beauty Lessons From Milan Fashion Week
Dolce and Gabbana topped lustrous blowouts with bejeweled Queen of Hearts crowns, while Versace paid tribute to the late Gianni Versace on the 20th anniversary of his death, not just by recreating the iconic beauty looks of his era, but by reuniting ...

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Daily Mail

Peek-a-boob! TOWIE's Chloe Sims suffers an unfortunate nip slip in saucy sheer top as she parties the night away at ...
Daily Mail
But Chloe Sims suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on Monday, as she attended the W7 End Of The Summer Glow Out at The Mondrian Hotel. The reality star, 34, stunned in an eye-catching gold trouser suit - but layered a saucy sheer top ...


Beauty queen's sexy catwalk goes extremely wrong after humiliating gaffe
Beauty queen's sexy catwalk goes extremely wrong after humiliating gaffe. Just as she was strutting her stuff around the edge of a swimming pool in a glamorous dress and killer heels, a beauty queen takes an embarrassing tumble into the water.

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'The Atlas Of Beauty' Presents Stories and Portraits Of Women From ...
Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc spent four years making portraits of women around the world. "In the end, I think beauty just means just being yourself," ...

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