Glutathione for a Healthier Pregnancy

All parents-to-be nurture the dream of a healthy pregnancy and baby.But the modern environment and diet is deficient in many factors essential for the health of mother and fetus. One of those factors is antioxidants.The role of antioxidants like folic acid in preventing birth defects like spina bifida and cleft... Read More

Pregnancy and Pre-natal Vitamins

Pre-natal vitamins are important to the health of a growing baby. They are also important to pregnant mothers because their bodies are going through so many changes.Our diets today are often deficient in key nutrients found in pre-natal vitamins that help a baby's development in the womb. One deficiency that... Read More

Get Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Abs With Side Planks

The foundation of fitness for a mom is her abdominal area. To moms a flat stomach is wonderful; a strong abdominal core is critical. The cool thing is, you can get both at the same time with side planks.Side planks are great for toning, without enlarging, the obliques on the... Read More

Pregnancy, Diabetes, and Your Feet

There are so many changes the body undergoes during pregnancy that it becomes easy to ignore the changes in the feet. During pregnancy the body releases hormones that allow the ligaments to relax in the birth canal. The ligaments in the feet also relax, causing the foot to lengthen and... Read More

Coping With an Unplanned Pregnancy

Your period is late and you start to think maybe you might be pregnant. Maybe you are afraid to go take a test because you don't want to find out the results. You may be asking yourself "how could this happen"? If you find yourself pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy... Read More

Successful Weight Loss After Pregnancy

How fast you lose weight will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of weight you gained during your pregnancy.Most women will lose anywhere from 10-14 pounds within the first 2 weeks of delivery. This weight may be attributed primarily to the loss of excess fluid in the... Read More

Sex & Pregnancy...Do They Mix?

As a pregnant woman, you may experience sex drives much like your moods. Up and Down! Some women claim that they have no sex drive at all during pregnancy, and others, say their sex drive is better during pregnancy. With changes to your body happening so quickly, your moods and... Read More

Twins Pregnancy?A Father?s Point of View

So you're expecting twins. Congratulations!Are you still in shock? I sure was. The thought of bringing two babies into the world at one time scared the heck out of me, especially since I was already the father of two boys (ages five and three). I remembered how much work the... Read More

Pregnancy and Tanning Beds

With summer approaching, you would love to wear those cute maternity sun dresses, but you don't want to show off your pale white skin. Now, you need to decide what is the best way to tan without possibly putting your baby in danger. Tanning beds during pregnancy are just as... Read More

Extent of Pregnancy Prejudice

Extent of pregnancy prejudice in Britain's workplacesEach year around 30,000 working women are sacked, made redundant or leave their jobs due to pregnancy discrimination, according to alarming new research findings released recently by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).The research quantifies, for the first time, how many pregnant women and new... Read More

In The News:

A Mother's Exposure to Pesticides During Pregnancy May Raise Children's Autism Risk  TIMEIn one of the largest studies looking at the potential effects of pesticide exposure on still-developing fetuses and newborns, scientists found that exposure to the ...
Does pregnancy history affect cognitive function? Study suggests that childbearing decisions and timing are not linked to cognitive function  Science DailyHealthy cognitive aging is a public health priority, especially as the US population grows older. Until now, not much has been known about the link between ...
Jen Lilley Pregnant with Baby Girl After Fostering to Adopt Two Sons - Why She's 'Relieved'  PEOPLE.comActress Jen Lilley also reveals to PEOPLE what she and her husband are thinking of naming their daughter on the way.
Holi 2019: How can artificial colours affect you and your unborn baby? Precautions for pregnant women  Times NowModern versions of coloured powder and liquids thrown during the Holi festival contain toxic agents that can be harmful to health. Can Holi colours harm ...
Stillbirths more likely if diabetes in pregnancy not diagnosed  Medical XpressWomen who develop diabetes in pregnancy but are not diagnosed are much more likely to experience stillbirth than women without the condition, according to ...
The 15 Best Pregnancy Books: New And Upcoming Titles  Book RiotThe best pregnancy books based on the latest research about getting pregnant, overcoming infertility, and staying healthy for those long months.
Prince Harry Adorably Talks About Meghan Markle's Pregnancy with Schoolchildren  HarpersBAZAAR.comPrince Harry had plenty of dad training today during his latest royal engagement at St. Vincent's Catholic Primary School in Acton, London. The purpose of his ...
Immigrant women more likely to be overweight during pregnancy  EurekAlertA new study in the Journal of Public Health finds that women in Norway from immigrant backgrounds are more likely to be overweight during pregnancy.
How sleep changes during pregnancy and how to cope  Augusta Free PressLike running a marathon, experiencing the changes in feelings as you go through pregnancy, is similar to running the most challenging race of your life!
Israeli study: Pregnancy over 50 not a greater risk than during 40s  The Times of IsraelBGU researchers cite technological developments in recent decades for women's ability to give birth at more advanced stage: 'It seems that 50 is the new 40'
Upper stomach pain during pregnancy: Third trimester  Medical News TodayMany people experience pain in the upper part of their stomach or abdomen during pregnancy. This is usually nothing to worry about, but sometimes it might be ...
Risking a new mother's life: How high BP during pregnancy may lead to kidney failure  The News MinuteOften, symptoms of serious kidney diseases in a pregnant woman are assumed to be pregnancy-related. Once the pregnancy is over, the woman continues to ...
If These 9 Pregnancy Jokes in Amy Schumer's New Netflix Special Are Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right  POPSUGARIf you know next to nothing about Amy Schumer's pregnancy, you still know that it f*cking sucks. The comedian – who has a condition called hyperemesis.
Sex drive during pregnancy: Understanding libido changes  Medical News TodayAmong the many changes that women experience during pregnancy, they may notice that their sex drive increases or decreases in different trimesters.
Can you lose weight during pregnancy? How to stay safe  Medical News TodayMany women wonder whether it is safe or healthy to lose weight during pregnancy. In this article, we discuss the potential risks of doing this and explain safe ...
Is edible marijuana safe for pregnant women?  WTOPThe rising popularity of edible marijuana raises some questions, especially when it comes to pregnant women.
As Zika danger wanes, travel warnings are eased for pregnant women  The Washington PostATLANTA — U.S. and international health officials are easing warnings against travel to regions with Zika virus because the threat has diminished markedly ...
Pregnant women shouldn't have to choose between a job and a healthy baby  The Conversation - USIn most states, employers aren't required to accommodate the unique needs of pregnant women except in limited circumstances.
Lincicome Announces Sponsor Extensions Through Pregnancy  LPGABrittany Lincicome learned two days before Christmas she was expecting her first child with her husband Dewald Gouws on Sept. 1. As she plans out how her ...
Pregnancy symptoms week 2: What to look for  Medical News TodayDoctors measure pregnancy from the first day of a woman's last period, so week 2 is often when conception occurs. Learn more about the possible symptoms ...
#HealthBytes: From papayas causing miscarriages to eclipses, pregnancy myths busted  NewsBytesAfter your marriage, your pregnancy, worries your neighbors & relatives a lot. However, it takes time in actuality to make a baby and nowadays lifestyle, ...
Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant Again? Fans Think So Based On This Popular Superstition  Elite DailyLawd, say it isn't so. Is Kylie Jenner pregnant again? Fans are trying really hard over on her Instagram account to get me hyped, but I'm not biting. There's a new ...
Jessica Simpson's best style moments from her third pregnancy  Page SixJessica Simpson, who welcomed baby daughter Birdie Mae with husband Eric Johnson on Tuesday, relied on her favorite bohemian maxidresses, oversized ...
Something else to avoid in pregnancy: Phthalates - Harvard Health Blog  Harvard HealthMost pregnant women know that they should avoid things like alcohol and tobacco while they are pregnant, as well as certain foods like sushi and soft cheeses.
Pregnant vegan woman upset that husband wants her to eat meat  Fox NewsOne thing's for sure — this mom-to-be likely won't be craving bacon, burgers or BBQ through the next few all-important months of her pregnancy. A pregnant ...
Vegan diet: Pregnant woman told to eat meat for baby by her husband you fall pregnant, it can sometimes feel like your body is no longer yours. Sure, it's the most amazing thing to grow human life, but with pregnancy comes a ...
Some Women Fall Pregnant on Birth Control, And This Could Be a Key Reason Why  ScienceAlertHuman experience shows us that contraception isn't always foolproof, but a new study is the first to ever highlight a genetic explanation for why birth control ...
Listening to music during pregnancy boosts auditory system of newborn baby  Times NowWashington DC: Listening to music when you are pregnant helps boost the auditory system of the newborn baby, reveals study. The research published in the ...
This drink that ONLY pregnant women have is great for weight loss!  Times of IndiaAjwain seeds also known as carom seeds in English are one of the mandatory spices in the Indian kitchen. From curries and soups to different home remedies, ...
Major Study Finds Pregnancy Issue Actually Linked to Autism, And It's Not Vaccines  ScienceAlertIt's a common but erroneous belief among anti-vaxxers that if a pregnant woman gets jabbed, she puts her unborn child at risk of autism.
Simple homemade (DIY) pregnancy test to try  Times of IndiaThe first thing we ladies often do when we miss our periods is to take a pregnancy test at home.
Extreme weather can stress pregnant women—and their unborn babies  Popular ScienceExtreme weather events can worsen prenatal depression in mothers, harming their children.
Vegan husband tells pregnant wife vegan her whole life to eat meat vegan pregnant woman posted on Mumsnet saying her husband is encouraging her to eat meat during pregnancy.
Kate Middleton Put an End to Pregnancy Rumors on Her St Patrick's Day Royal Appearance  MarieClaire.comDuring her royal appearance for St Patrick's Day, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton shut down recent pregnancy rumors by drinking Guinness with Prince ...
Smoking during pregnancy doubles risk of sudden death for baby, study says  CNNSmoking even one cigarette a day during pregnancy can double the chance of sudden unexpected death for your baby, according to a new study analyzing over ...
Pregnant vegan woman told to eat meat for her baby  KidspotWhen you fall pregnant, it can sometimes feel like your body is no longer yours. Sure, it's the most amazing thing to grow human life, but with pregnancy comes a ...
Chhavi Mittal Lashes Out At A Man Who Compared Pregnant Wife To A Cow, Shares Strong Message For Men  BollywoodShaadis.comChhavi Mittal indirectly lashed out at a follower (for all the right reasons), who messaged her about his wife’s post-pregnancy weight and compared her to a.
"The three-minute pelvic floor exercise I'm doing every day during my pregnancy."  MamamiaWant to prevent incontinence? There's one great app that teaches you pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy and how often you need to do them.
Unisom and vitamin B-6 for morning sickness: Are they safe?  Medical News TodayMany pregnant women take vitamin B-6 and Unisom to treat morning sickness. In the past, some people had concerns that this combination may harm the fetus.
Stressed during pregnancy? Your baby might feel long term effects  WFAA.comResearch suggests a woman's stress level at the moment she becomes pregnant is linked to how her child will respond to stress a decade later.
Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?  SelfIt's a common question among the trying-to-avoid-having-a-baby set: Can you get pregnant from precum? Also, what is precum? Is it like a semen warning shot ...
Health tips for obese pregnant women benefit babies: London study  The London Free PressObese women who follow through on tips to exercise and eat better during their pregnancy have healthier babies, a new joint study by London researchers says.
What Is Choriocarcinoma? My Healthy Pregnancy Gave Me Cancer  SelfAfter I gave birth to my son, a pregnancy test during a follow-up appointment helped discover a rare form of cancer, choriocarcinoma, in my uterus.
Struggling to lose pregnancy weight? Here are 7 tips that will help you  PINKVILLAEvery women struggles to lose pregnancy weight after successful delivery of their child. Here are few tips on how to lose pregnancy weight easily.
A woman faked a pregnancy and deceived the adoptive parents. The motive remains a mystery.  The Washington PostLaura and Matt Trayte, who planned to adopt the baby, say the ruse was a "psychological attack."
Pregnant Meghan Markle will not make any public appearance till birth of Royal baby  India TodayPregnant Meghan Markle is starting on her maternity leave soon and won't be making any public appearances till she gives birth. She and Prince Harry will ...
Proposals, Pregnancy, Scandal...Oh My! The 'Being Mary Jane' Series Finale Trailer Brings The Drama We Waited  EssenceThe story of Mary Jane Paul is ending with a bang, and you won't be disappointed! In the series finale trailer of the BET series Being Mary Jane, MJP (aka ...
Gestational diabetes: Women left at risk, say researchers  BBC NewsWomen are being left at risk of stillbirth due to a lack of proper screening for gestational diabetes, new research suggests. The study involved pregnant women at ...
Why Do Some People Think Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Her Fourth Child?  The Cheat SheetPrince Harry and Meghan Markle are soon due with their first child, and the world has been on edge since they announced the pregnancy. While most of the ...
Daphne Oz and Husband Expecting Fourth Child: 'By This Time Next Year, a New Baby Will Be Here'"Daphne is having my fourth grandchild!" says Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Carrie Underwood Gets Candid About 'Bouncing Back' After Pregnancy: 'I Just Want to Feel Like Myself Again'  Entertainment TonightThe mother of two reveals that it has been harder to get back into shape after giving birth to her second child.
Implantation bleeding | Early signs of pregnancy  KidspotWith experts debating whether implantation bleeding actually occurs, we take a look at the evidence to help you understand what your body is trying to tell you.
Actress Chhavi Mittal gives it back to a man who called his pregnant wife a ‘cow’  The Indian ExpressChhavi took to social media to share the incident where a man asked him for weight loss tips for his pregnant wife, saying she "is becoming a cow already".
Long overlooked by science, pregnancy is finally getting attention it deserves  The Washington PostPregnancy is essential to the future of humanity, and it's way too mysterious.
Um, Lady Gaga Just Addressed Those Pregnancy Rumors  Cosmopolitan.comLady Gaga just responded to rumors that she's expecting a baby and announced new music while she was at it—find out what she said here.
The pregnancy of Meghan, Britain's Duchess of Sussex  ReutersLONDON (Reuters) - The Duchess of Sussex, former U.S. actress Meghan Markle, is due to give birth this Spring to her first child with husband Prince Harry, 34, ...
Amy Schumer talks about pregnancy and her husband, Chris Fischer  Boston.comOn Monday night, the eve of the premiere of her new Netflix stand-up special “Growing,'' comedian Amy Schumer wrote a heartfelt Instagram post thanking ...
Tokyo 2020: Helen Jenkins' Olympic hopes 'off the table' because of pregnancy  BBC SportHelen Jenkins says her latest pregnancy has taken her chances of competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics "off the table".
Daphne Oz Is Pregnant, Expecting Her Fourth Child With John Jovanovic: See Her Baby Bump  Us WeeklyDaphne Oz is pregnant and expecting her fourth child with her husband, John Jovanovic, and 'couldn't be more excited' — see her baby bump.
Effects of using marijuana while pregnant and breastfeeding  INSIDERAs marijuana use during pregnancy increases, experts say we still need more research on the drug's effects on those pregnant and breastfeeding.
Let's Stop Pretending Stretch Marks Aren't A Normal Part Of Pregnancy  Scary MommyWomen will be quick to point out the "luck" of not getting stretch marks. Stretch marks are a normal part of pregnancy, let's not forget that.
Pregnant woman buys 70 MEALS worth of meat for $160 to save her time when she's on maternity leave  Daily MailA pregnant woman from Queensland has visited three separate factory outlets to buy 70 meals worth of meat to feed her family while she's on maternity leave.
Snatchers review: finding the humor in teen pregnancy and parasitic bug-monsters  The VergeWelcome to Cheat Sheet, our breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special-event releases. This review comes from the 2019 SXSW ...
Amy Schumer Forced to Cancel Comedy Tour Due to Ongoing Pregnancy Complications  VultureAmy Schumer has been forced to cancel her comedy tour due to pregnancy-related illness and complications.
Better access to IUDs drives huge 20% drop in teen pregnancy and abortions, study finds  Daily MailColorado's progressive Family Planning program provided free access to IUDs and drove down unintended teen pregnancy in the state, new Texas A&M ...
Japan warns firms not to fire pregnant foreign trainees, as interns fear impact on work status  The Japan TimesSAPPORO - The government has warned companies against dismissing or unfairly treating foreign trainees who get pregnant while working in the country, ...
Sania Mirza weight loss: 22 kgs in 4 months - Secrets behind the tennis queen's post pregnancy transformation  Times NowSania admitted how it was really difficult, and people need to understand that not all celebrities undergo the knife to lose weight, some work really hard for it.
How to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks  Times of IndiaPregnancy might be a joyous journey for a woman, but it comes with its share of side effects and though most are curable, one thing that usually stays lifelong ...
Amy Schumer is being applauded for mocking traditional pregnancy photo shoots  The IndependentAmy Schumer has hilariously mocked traditional maternity photo shoots with her new pregnancy photos featuring ducks and Spanish moss.
Abortions late in pregnancy: a doctor explains the facts  Vox.comThe Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and a Virginia bill have focused debate on abortions late in pregnancy. A doctor spoke to Vox about the reality ...
The 1 Reason Jessa Duggar is Upset About Her Third Pregnancy  The Cheat SheetJessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald announced in January that they're expecting their third child. Since then, Duggar has been sharing photos of her baby ...
First semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy  Science DailyBoy and girl twins in Brisbane, Australia, have been identified as only the second set of semi-identical, or sesquizygotic, twins in the world -- and the first to be ...
Everyone Thinks Halsey's Pregnant and She Just Issued a Response....  Cosmopolitan.comFans are speculating that Halsey is pregnant and she just issued a response—find out what she has to say here.
"That's not her heartbeat." Megan learnt she was pregnant less than 12 hours before giving birth.  Mamamia“One doctor looked at another and said, that's not her heartbeat. At that point my stomach dropped. They said to me: you are pregnant and you are going to have ...
Man insults, punches pregnant Muslim woman in Germany's Berlin  Daily SabahA pregnant Muslim woman wearing a headscarf was attacked by an unidentified man in the German capital Berlin, reports said Wednesday. The incident...
Man tells pregnant wife that 'we' are making a baby, not her  Kidspot"I gently reminded her that we are both the parents, not just her. I also told her that saying she's 'making' the baby on her own is not accurate, since I provided ...
Meghan Markle confides in Priyanka Chopra: Pregnant Duchess's friendship with BFF still going strong  India TodayPregnant Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra's friendship was going through a rocky phase recently, when reports suggested that she was unhappy with the ...
Every cigarette matters when you're pregnant, a massive new study confirms  Popular ScienceAs accidental deaths dropped out of the SIDS statistics, another factor became increasingly important: smoking.
'I was diagnosed with cancer at seven months pregnant'  BBC NewsSarah Hanan was at work when the doctor phoned. She had been expecting the call. A day earlier, seven months pregnant with her first child, the 29-year-old ...
Third Trimester Pregnant Mamas Need Their Damn Space  Scary MommyScience proves that pregnant mothers in their third trimester require plenty of personal space. But we already knew this, right?
Professional care for pregnant women  WCNC.comBaby and Co offers professional care from the beginning of pregnancy to the birth and even after the baby is born. They help you know your options, offer ...
Stacey Solomon reveals Joe Swash's first reaction to pregnancy news  DigitalSpy.comThis will be the former X Factor star's third child and the couple's first together.
A woman faked a pregnancy to deceive a California couple. The motive remains a mystery.  The Mercury NewsBy Meagan Flynn | The Washington Post. The baby seemed real up until the moment she was supposed to be born. Laura and Matt Trayte were in the waiting ...
Wendy Williams 'Relapse' Triggered by Husband's Alleged Pregnant Mistress  Eurweb.comAfter a two-month hiatus from her show, Wendy returned March 4 and wasted no time addressing her marital issues and hubbys alleged cheating.
Pregnant woman carried in sling, delivers baby on roadside in Odisha  Odisha Television Ltd.A pregnant woman delivered a baby while being carried in sling in Ankoli panchayat under Patrapur block of Ganjam district today.
Future's Alleged Pregnant Baby Mama Debuts Baby Bump In A Series Of Photos  Capital XTRAFuture's supposed baby mama has revealed photos of her baby bump for the first time ever on Instagram...
Pregnancy Cravings Are Weird Things  Refinery29What happens when you deal with food for a living, but suddenly don't want it any more?
Woman Who Killed Baby in Reckless Freebirth is Pregnant  PatheosA California woman who killed her baby after attempting an unassisted birth at home announced her pregnancy on Instagram.
Sania Mirza Reveals Secrets Behind Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss, She Has Lost 22 Kgs In 4 Months  BollywoodShaadis.comThroughout her pregnancy, Sania Mirza kept herself physically fit with walking, playing and yoga. Soon after the birth of her son, Izhaan Mirza Malik, she got.
The Art of Surfing While Pregnant  Adventure Sports NetworkKatie Loggins, from "The Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point", talks about the balance of being a surfer and a mother.
Reese Witherspoon Responds to Rumors That She's Pregnant With Her Fourth Child  countryliving.comThe cover of OK! magazine recently claimed that Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner are both pregnant. Reese responded to the fake report by hilariously ...
Jennifer Garner Pregnant And Getting Married To John Miller?  Gossip CopA tabloid claims Jennifer Garner is pregnant with boyfriend John Miller's baby and the two are planning a wedding. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.
Pregnant Lacey Turner believed she would never have a baby  Daily MailLacey Turner has revealed that she refused to believe that she was pregnant after suffering two miscarriages previously.
Krysten Ritter Is Going to Be a Mom! Actress Debuts Baby Bump on the 2019 Oscars Red Carpet  PEOPLE.comKrysten Ritter walked the Oscars 2019 red carpet Sunday evening, showing off her baby bump under a long-sleeved fitted lace gown with red floral appliques.
Associations between low- and high-dose oral fluconazole and pregnancy outcomes: 3 nested case–control studies  CMAJAnick Bérard, Odile Sheehy, Jin-Ping Zhao, Jessica Gorgui, Sasha Bernatsky, Cristiano Soares de Moura and Michal Abrahamowicz. CMAJ February 19, 2019 ...
Fitness blogger Carly Rowena reveals her tips on exercising during pregnancy  Daily MailFitness expert and influencer Carly Rowena from Norwich, Norfolk gave birth to her first baby Jax in December 2018. The PT is launching the new activewear ...
4 tips for moms interviewing while pregnant  TODAYThe founder of 'The Mom Project' provides 4 tips for moms interviewing for jobs while pregnant.
Pregnant policewoman stripped of front-line duties wins sex discrimination case against her force  Daily MailAn 'ambitious' police officer who was removed from front-line duties and put on a desk job because she was pregnant has won a sex discrimination case against ...
The Fate of Kate's Pregnancy and Honoring Jack: This Is Us' Most Emotional Episode Yet in Season 3"That's what's so special about naming a child after a loved one," Chrissy Metz told PEOPLE about Jack's legacy.
Louisiana firefighter saves pregnant woman from burning vehicle: 'God has something major for you!'  Fox NewsA volunteer firefighter is being credited with saving a pregnant woman from a vehicle fire in Lafayette, La.
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