The Secret Language of Money

At a number of business seminars and presentations, I passed out an index card and asked each person in the audience to write anonymously a single answer to each of three questions. The three questions are:1. To me money means _________.2. My current annual income is _______________.3. In order to... Read More

Just Say No to PowerPoint: Enough is Enough!

Have you ever been slideswiped? You walk into a meeting and once everyone has arrived, the lights are often dimmed and the show begins. The presenter clicks the mouse again and again, showing you slide after slide until you can take no more. Exasperated, you shut your eyes and doze... Read More

After the Speech

Usually the emphasis on making an effective speech is what you do in preparation before the presentation begins. But if you speak very much, what you do after the speech can help you become a more effective speaker. As soon as possible after the speech, write down impressions of how... Read More

Incorporate Humor in Your Next Speech

Some speakers say, "I could never use humor in my speech; I just don't feel comfortable with it." I believe that anyone can use humor and that it is a valuable tool in speaking. Appropriate humor relaxes an audience and makes it feel more comfortable with you as the speaker;... Read More

Super Preparation ? Keys to Getting a Great Start to Every Presentation

Super Preparation ?Keys to Getting a Great Start to Every Presentation Novice and expert presenters alike have had the experience of feeling a little (or may be a lot) nervous before giving a talk. In working with hundreds of people to help them improve their presentation skills, one consistent theme... Read More

8 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

8 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills 1. Join Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a organization where you will get a chance to work on your impromptu speaking skills, leadership skills, evaluation skills as well as opportunities to practice specific skills in prepare presentations (at your own pace). Clubs typically meet weekly... Read More

Shamus Browns Top 5 Sales Presentation Tips

When its time to give your next sales presentation, here are my favorite tips for delivering powerful, charismatic, and engaging sales presentations. #1 - PLANT YOUR FEET SQUARELY ON THE FLOOR How you hold your physical body during your sales pitch communicates a tremendous amount of information about... Read More

How to Attract New Business Like George W. Bush Wins Elections

THE LITTLE-KNOWN SPEECHWRITING SECRETS THAT WON GEORGE W. BUSH THE US ELECTIONHe's been accused of "mangling the language, destroying its meaning by avoiding the use of verbs, twisting nouns into verbs, and endlessly repeating phrases until they become zombified" (Source:'Bush and Blair accused of mangling English' by Kate Kelland,,... Read More

Being Real From the Platform

"Let it be known, no person, thing, or situation can validate you. You validate yourself by realizing who you are." Mark Tosoni Knowing who you are is essential before you step in front of an audience. What are you knowledgeable to speak about? What are you interested in learning?... Read More

Creating a Powerful Sales Presentation

The quality of your sales presentation will often determine whether a prospect buys from you or one of your competitors. However, experience has taught me that most presentations lack pizzazz and are seldom compelling enough to motivate the other person to make a buying decision. Here are seven strategies that... Read More

In The News:


Local school district speaks out after presentation compares Pres ...
A local school district is taking some heat after parents say their kids were given a presentation that compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler.

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Jamestown Post Journal

Students Hear From WWII Vets During Unique Presentation
Jamestown Post Journal
On Wednesday, the Fenton History Center's Vets Finding Vets program hosted an event which featured a presentation on World War II in conjunction with firsthand accounts from 10 area veterans at the Robert H. Jackson Center's Carl Cappa Theater.

Foster's Daily Democrat

Dover library to host presentation about tiny houses
Foster's Daily Democrat
DOVER β€” Isa Bauer of Tiny House Northeast will be presenting at the Dover Public Library on Wednesday April 5 at 6:30 p.m. The presentation focuses on the basics of planning for and owning a tiny house on wheels; both its challenges and advantages, ...

Daily O'Collegian

OSU professor discusses cyberattacks in presentation
Daily O'Collegian
The first slide of a PowerPoint presentation is shown as Dr. Jacob A. Mauslein prepares to speak about the growing threat of cyber attacks. Jacob A. Mauslein. Matt McClain/O'Colly. Dr. Jacob A. Mauslein waves his hand during his lecture about the ...

My North Bay Now

Despite conflict of interest talk, Councillor Mark King says controversial presentation had substance
My North Bay Now
A public presentation about the issues with the city's Downtown Water Front master plan and the 10-year strategic plan still has people buzzing over the accusation of conflicts of interest. Neal McNamara levied allegations that some members of council ...


Briar Cliff Splits with Presentation | KTIC Radio
The Briar Cliff baseball team split with Presentation Tuesday afternoon at Bishop Mueller Field. The Saints rallied back to win game one 7-5 and the Chargers ...
COLLEGE BASEBALL: Chargers split with Presentation | College ...Sioux City Journal

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Tribal Tribune (subscription)

Environmental Trusts hosts 'Era of Megafires' presentation
Tribal Tribune (subscription)
He would end his presentation with a call to action: Become involved, become active and learn to adapt to living with fire. He would call for a culture shift in the discussion about forest management to include prescribed fire and mechanical thinning ...

Daily Record

Morristown presentation all about inventor Maxim
Daily Record
Local historian Martin Kane is never surprised to learn someone has never heard of Hudson Maxim. β€œIt's really funny. Hudson Maxim was very well known in his day. He was a real contemporary and very close friend of Thomas Edison. He was called by ...

Development – Education, vocational training, integration and health – Presentation by Jean-Marie Le Guen of ...
France Diplomatie (press release)
On the occasion of the presentation in France of the 25th edition of the UNDP's Human Development Report, Jean-Marie Le Guen, Minister of State for Development and Francophonie, will present, on March 23 at the Quai d'Orsay, France's external action ...

Historical presentation comes to Fort Knox
Elizabethtown News Enterprise
Historical presentation comes to Fort Knox. -A A +A. Bookmark and Share. By The News-Enterprise. Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 3:00 am (Updated: March 23, 5:02 am). The Living History at Your Library series at Barr Memorial Library on Fort Knox focuses ...

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How to Give a Great Speech

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The Secret Language of Money

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Top Ten Tips For Better Business Presentations To Asian Audiences

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Your Unique Point of View

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How to Convert PowerPoint to Flash Manually

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Presentation Paranoia

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10 Profitable Tips for Creating Better Sales Presentations

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How to Make Good Use of Your Web Conference Session

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The End is the Beginning

People remember best what you say last. In a presentation,... Read More

How You Can Save On Conference Calling

In recent years, companies have recognized the need to expand... Read More