Need an Offshore Sales Office in a Tax Free Environment?

The 100 year old investment-banking firm of Warburg, Dillon Read (on Park Ave. N.Y.) (now UBS Warburg) has offices in 39 foreign countries - including the Bahamas, the tiny Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and the Channel Islands. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it? Non-resident foreign companies,... Read More

Small Businesses Filing Amended Federal Tax Returns to Recover Money

Small Businesses Filing Amended Federal Tax Returns to Recover Money By Darren Oliver April 15th may be gone but, but certainly not forgotten ? especially if you, like millions of small businesses, unknowingly overpaid your federal taxes and can recover money... Read More

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Giving Uncle Sam More than His Share

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Giving Uncle Sam More than His Share By Darren Oliver With the rush to file your taxes by April 15th, you probably did not consider the possibility that you overpaid.... Read More

Alas! In E-Commerce Taxland

In trying to comply with tax laws for your e-business, you may find yourself falling down the rabbit-hole, going through the looking glass, and attending a Mad Tea-Party.Common sense, logic, and fairness never did apply fully to the field of taxation but this is especially true of e-commerce transactions.1. Canada... Read More

Rearrange Your Affairs For Maximum Tax Savings

One way to maximize your business profits is by reducing your taxes. Frequently, income and other taxes could be lowered significantly if only the taxpayer were willing to plan ahead. By taking some simple steps to rearrange your affairs, you could save a fortune!1. Are You Splitting Your Business Income?You... Read More

Organizing Your Taxes

Does this scene sound familiar? It's April 7. You haven't seen the top of your dining room table in two weeks because of the piles of paid bills, receipts, canceled checks, and unidentified cash register receipts covering it. Your head pounds and your stomach churns as the countdown to April... Read More

Seven Key Tax Deductions for the Self Employed

As a sole proprietor, it's wise to familiarize yourself with the some key deductions that may reduce your tax bill for 2004.Small-business consultants generally recommend that you hire an accountant to prepare your tax returns, payroll and financial statements. But you should also meet with your accountant well before the... Read More

How To Set Up A Tax-Saving Bookkeeping System

One of the most important, but least understood or appreciated aspects of any business is its bookkeeping or accounting system. And, because very few people know much about the reasons for a bookkeeping system, most people are frightened by the thought of the work involved in setting up such a... Read More


Knock-Knock-KnockWho's there?The IRS!The next quarterly payment of estimated income tax for the self-employed is not far off. Network marketers who receive a form 1099 at the end of the year, and/or who are expected to owe $1,000 or more in taxes, must file a form 1040-ES Payment Voucher quarterly to... Read More

How to Reduce the Estate Tax Using the A-B Revocable Living Trust

In a past article I relayed the plight of the widow who stated:"I didn't realize what an A-B Revocable Living Trust meant and that it had to be divided between the survivor and the deceased spouse and that I am limited as to what I can use from his share."She... Read More

In The News:

I-T dept exempts about 120 startups from angel tax net  LivemintNew Delhi: The income tax (I-T) department has informed about 120 startups that they are exempt from paying taxes on funds raised from angel investors.
How do I file an extension on my taxes?  USA TODAYMost taxpayers have until April 15 to file their taxes. But you can file for a six-month extension if you need more time.
A Pied-à-Terre Tax Will Bring Revenue New York Needs  The New York TimesA tax on second homes of over $5 million won't solve income inequality, but it could help boost the city's coffers.
An Answer to a SALT-y Tax Problem You Didn’t Know You Had  The Wall Street JournalThe U.S. tax overhaul limited the deduction of state and local taxes. Here's what that means for your state tax refund.
Time to do taxes? Save up to 50 percent on H&R Block tax software this weekend  Digital TrendsTax season is stressful, and with new tax laws in effect this year, it's not a bad idea to get some help. H&R Block has you covered: For two days only, you can ...
NY high school students help prepare taxes through volunteer program  Crux: Covering all things CatholicALBANY, New York - High school junior Paul Barber shuffles through tax forms in the basement of the diocesan Pastoral Center in Albany. At Catholic Central ...
This Short Animation Might Make You Think Twice About Taxes  Bitcoin NewsA Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter recently noted that the biggest hindrance to cryptocurrency adoption is tax laws and reporting taxes on digital currency usage.
Japanese Representative Says Taxes Are Crippling the Growth of Crypto and Blockchain  The Daily HodlTakeshi Fujimaki, a member of the House of Councillors of Japan and acting President of the Japan Restoration Committee, says the country's tax system is ...
The Teddy Bear Test, and Other Ways to Pass a State Tax Audit  The New York TimesEvery year around this time, people grumble about their tax bills. This year, taxpayers who lost the deduction for state and local taxes in the 2017 tax overhaul ...
Dread doing your taxes? Some tips on hiring someone to take over  The Conversation CAYou need to be confident and establish a firm, trusting relationship before entrusting someone to do your taxes. Start as soon as possible. Don't wait for the April ...
Faster Tax Cuts Could Be Backfiring on Republicans  The New York TimesWhen President Trump signed a large package of tax cuts into law in 2017, the Internal Revenue *Service* moved to make sure the savings showed up quickly in ...
Explainer | What does GST Council’s transition plan for new taxes in real estate sector mean  Moneycontrol.comWith the government providing options to the developer under the GST regime, they cannot charge increase rates from buyers, say experts.
Last-minute rush for tax saving? You can look at these ELSS funds  Economic TimesWith just a few days left of the current financial year, many investors would be searching last minute for investment option under Section 80C to save on their ...
Fox tax ruling to help other MNCs  Economic TimesGovt looking to articulate rules to tax MNCs based on volume of transactions and number of consumers in India.
How to tax the rich, explained  Vox.comIt's no accident that the Democratic Party went from wanting a 39.6 percent top tax rate to wanting much more.
Income tax, statutory claims part of ‘operational debt’  Times of IndiaIndia Business News: Senior lawyers Rajiv Ranjan and Sugam Seth, who had been asked to assist the appellate tribunal, concluded that tax is not related to the ...
Trump Tax Reform Hits Home in Wealthy New York Suburbs  BloombergQuint(Bloomberg) -- Nick Boniakowski's clients bought a home in Northern New Jersey in 2016. Now they want to move again. They found a house they liked.
Income Tax department warns of fake refund mails and messages  Times NowNew Delhi: If you have been receiving income tax refund emails and messages, be careful because some of them might be fake! The income tax department is ...
How Democrats Want to Tax the Rich  BloombergDemocrats are leading the 2020 presidential campaign with a slew of tax-the-rich proposals, representing a tone change revealing a party moving to the left.
Right now is a 'really hard time' for China to introduce a property tax  CNBCZhang Xin, chief executive of real estate developer Soho China, said on Saturday that the country's economy is too "soft" for a property tax.
Foreign Investors To Pay Higher Taxes From April 1  NDTV NewsThe changes in DTAAs give India the right to tax capital gains arising on Indian equity shares sold by a Singapore or Mauritian resident.
Blow to I-T department’s year-end tax recovery drive  Economic TimesNew Delhi: The income tax department's plans to arm itself with an SC order to boost year-end recoveries have hit a roadblock. The authorities had approached ...
'Yeddyurappa diary': Income Tax Dept says document was forged  The News MinuteThe Director General and Inspector General of the Income Tax Department of Karnataka and Goa, KG Balakrishna, on Saturday said that photocopies of the ...
This just might be the worst tax-filing status to claim  CNBCWhether your spouse has dubious sources of income or you're in the process of a split, there are a few situations in which it makes sense to file separate tax ...
Taxes From A To Z 2019: H Is For Home Office Deduction  ForbesIt's my annual Taxes from A to Z series! This time, it's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) style. If you're wondering whether you can claim home office expenses or ...
CBDT gives 90 startups immunity from Angel Tax  Economic TimesIn what will give relief to 90 startups from taxman's questioning their valuation during fund raising rounds and slapping angel tax, the Central Board of Direct ...
France unveils new tax for global internet giants  Economic TimesFrance is set to unveil legislation Wednesday to increase taxes on global internet giants such as Google and Facebook, putting it among a vanguard of countries ...
Here are 5 quirky deductions you may not know about that can help lower your taxes  CNBCIf you are looking for a way to pay less to the IRS, think outside the box when it comes to deductions.
GST Council to issue new tax norms for real estate  LivemintNEW DELHI: Federal indirect tax body the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council will on Tuesday announce new rules on how far builders can make use of ...
Tax queries: Can you claim tax refund on TDS deducted by employer on gratuity?  Economic TimesDilip Lakhani Senior Chartered Accountant, answers queries from our readers on income tax and other levies.
6 fixed income investments to help you save tax under section 80C  Economic TimesLong-term debt investments should form a part of every investor's portfolio to maintain stability, especially during economic volatility.
COMMENTARY: When should you hire an expert to do your taxes?  Global NewsNow is the time to decide whether you should hire someone to fill out your forms or do them yourself, says accounting professor Francois Brouard.
Copper, aluminium prices higher after Chinas tax cut for manufacturers  Business StandardRead more about Copper, aluminium prices higher after China's tax cut for manufacturers on Business Standard. The tax cut will save tax burden for enterprises ...
Govt banking on advance tax collection to meet direct tax target of Rs 12 lakh cr  Economic TimesNEW DELHI: With fiscal math under pressure due to lower buoyancy in tax collection, the government is eyeing advance tax payment to meet the revised Budget ...
Ghaziabad police seize 100 kg gold; Income Tax department alerted  Times NowGhaziabad: A shocking incident recently came to light when gold worth Rs 35 crore was seized in Kadrabad, Modinagar on Friday. Four people were allegedly ...
Powerball jackpot jumps to $625 million. Here's the tax bite if you win  CNBCUncle Sam would shave tens of millions of dollars off the windfall before it even reaches the winner, and more would be due at tax time.
Minneapolis attorney who questioned legality of taxation found guilty of failing to pay his taxes  Star TribuneAttorney William Butler, who once said Jesus consider tax collectors, "sinners," faces up to 5 years prison on each of two counts.
Americans want the wealthy and corporations to pay more taxes, but are elected officials listening?  Brookings InstitutionEconomic inequality is on the rise in the United States and has been for the past 40 years. Prominent Democrats have offered several proposals to curb ...
State and local income and sales taxes in the 25 biggest US cities  Business InsiderTax season is upon us, and while most Americans are focused on their federal income taxes, state and local taxes vary wildly from place to place and can hit ...
1 percent sales tax coming to Brattleboro  Brattleboro ReformerBRATTLEBORO — Town Meeting representatives approved a 1 percent local option sales tax in a 75-62 vote Saturday. "I bet you're tired of hearing this from me ...
How much tax can you save via tax saving investments, expenditures?  Economic TimesThe amount of tax you can save via tax-saving investments and expenditures depends on the tax bracket you fall in after claiming all the deductions you are ...
5 simple tips to save income tax at the eleventh hour  Times NowTax saving is a year-long process and not a last-minute activity. However, if you haven't done the needful yet, here are some easy options to go to without having ...
Mangaluru: ICICI Bank opens digital tax collection centre for MCC  Times of IndiaMANGALURU: ICICI Bank in association with Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) on Wednesday inaugurated digital tax collection centre to facilitate digita.
Grasim gets interim relief on Rs 5,872 crore dividend tax claim  Economic TimesMUMBAI:The Bombay High Court on Friday granted interim relief to Grasim Industries, the flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, on a Rs 5,872-crore ...
Tax the Rich? Here’s How to Do It (Sensibly)  The New York TimesEveryone, it seems, has ideas about new tax strategies, some more realistic than others. The list of tax revolutionaries is long. The short list includes ...
What is Pink Tax and who gets impacted by it? Find out  The Financial ExpressPink tax is subtle and not illegal, but it's substantial. Here's all you need to know about this tax.
Angel Tax: From despair to hope  EntrackrNow the debate on Angel Tax was heating up in the country. Many startup ecosystem leaders were making their opinions heard.
Foreign students who stay to work in UK pay £3.2bn in taxes – study  The GuardianReport finds highly qualified, non-British graduates do not take jobs from local residents.
Here's why the average tax refund check is down 16% from last year  CNBCThe average tax refund check is still smaller this year compared to last. If you're unhappy with those results, it might be time to revisit your withholding at work.
Illegal immigration taxes: Unauthorized immigrants pay state taxes  Vox.comUndocumented workers paid about $11 billion in state and local taxes, according to a 2017 report by the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy.
Amazon Doesn’t Plan to Pay the IRS Anything This Tax Season Inc. does not plan to pay the IRS anything this tax season. Yet that's not largely because of President Donald Trump's tax overhaul.
7 red flags that could trigger an IRS audit of your taxes  USA TODAYNo one wants a visit from the Internal Revenue *Service*. But if you get too generous with your calculations, you may need to back up your tax return.
Suze Orman: If you get a tax refund, you're 'making one of the biggest mistakes out there'  CNBCFinancial expert Suze Orman says that it's not smart to get a tax refund because you're basically giving the government an interest-free loan. Instead, you should ...
Treasury rolls out extra relief on tax penalties  CNNAmerican taxpayers who fell short on paying their IOUs to Uncle Sam over the course of 2018 will be getting some more relief from the Internal Revenue *Service*.
Why Americans Don’t Cheat on Their Taxes  The AtlanticThe weirdly hopeful story of how the U.S. came to be a leader in tax compliance.
South African tax workers to strike over pay dispute  ReutersJOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Workers in South Africa's tax-collecting agency intend to strike next week after talks on wage increases failed but a further round ...
Time for candidates to disclose their tax returns  The Washington PostIt is remarkable, really, that only two of the Democratic presidential candidates have disclosed their tax returns. Given how many are calling for President Trump ...
Head of Household Tax Filing Status: Claim It If You Can  Motley FoolOne of the key elements of determining how much tax you owe -- or how big a refund you'll get -- is the filing status you claim on your return. For most people, if ...
Could charitable giving become a tax law casualty?  CNBCPeople don't necessarily give to charity because of tax benefits, but it doesn't hurt. However, the new tax law, among other things, has eliminated or sharply ...
Yes, We Need a Green New Deal. Just Not the One Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Offering.  The New York TimesYes, of course, we need a Green New Deal to address the world's most urgent crisis, global warming. Just, please, not the one that a flotilla of liberal politicians, ...
5 Things to Know About Cryptocurrency Taxes Before Tax Season  CryptoGlobeCryptocurrency taxes, in their current state in the US, aren't exactly a walk in the park. Currently, the Internal Revenue *Service's* (IRS) stance on some ...
Statutory Dues Of Income Tax, VAT Etc. Are Operational Debts Under IBC : NCLAT [Read Judgment]  Live LawThe National Company Law Appellate Tribunal has held that statutory dues of income tax, value added tax etc. are 'operational debts' under the Insolvency and ...
7 Things Artists Should Know before Filing Taxes  ArtsyWe spoke to artist-accountant Hannah Cole to learn some basic tips that can help artists navigate tax season.
To tax or not? Govt makes last ditch attempt to save India-US trade package  Business StandardLess than a month before the country goes to polls, the government is pushing forward on the proposed India-US trade package to clear pending bilateral issues ...
Taxes 2019: How long should I keep my tax returns?  USA TODAYWhen it comes to tax returns, the rule of thumb is to store those suckers for seven years in case the Internal Revenue *Service* or state government has some ...
Amazon paid no federal tax for 2018 – but how much profit did it earn?  The GuardianThough Amazon's Queens headquarters were ultimately scuppered it turns out the company is already receiving benefits from the government.
Tax optimiser: How salaried Kamal can save Rs 40,000 tax via perks, NPS  Economic TimesNot only should you ask your employer/company for the NPS benefit, but you should also ask for other tax-free perks like LTA, telephone bill. You can reduce ...
How to save income tax via medical expenditures under sections 80D, 80DD, 80DDB, 80U  Economic TimesIf you can't afford to pay for health insurance premium or unable to buy one due to pre-existing conditions, then also you can save tax via medical expenditures.
4 important tax benefits of buying a house jointly  Economic TimesBy Homi Mistry Buying a house is a dream for millions of people in India. The government has provided various tax benefits to individuals to encourage them to ...
Winfield thrives on offering rural feel with low crime, taxes  nwitimes.comWINFIELD — The town celebrated its 25th birthday in 2018 and is starting to really spread its wings and fly out of the shadow of its older, much larger neighbors.
Salaries of nuns, priests working in schools liable to tax: Madras HC  BusinessLineSays provisions of the I-T Act are areligious and apolitical in nature.
Small businesses cheer Trump tax reforms, but some feel they didn't go far enough  CNBCTax breaks enacted to help small businesses aren't permanent, and that's made it difficult for business owners to make long-term decisions.
Juneau spoke: 'We want taxes, less dividend'  Must Read AlaskaFIRST HOUSE FINANCE HEARING BRINGS DOZENS TO MIC. If Juneau has any say in it, there will be a progressive state income tax, smaller or no Permanent ...
Tax queries: Annuity received on a periodic basis is taxable as an income under the head ‘Salaries’  Economic TimesDilip Lakhani Senior Chartered Accountant, answers queries from our readers on income tax and other levies.
Where you'll pay the most – and least – on state and local taxes in the US  USA TODAYFrom the checkout counter to the 1040 form due every April, what Americans end up paying in taxes depends largely on where they live.
Tax collectors chase rich New Yorkers moving to low-tax states. Auditors inspect cell records, even your dog's vet bills  CNBCThe cat-and-mouse game between state tax collectors and wealthy New Yorkers who are moving to Florida has reached new levels — and gone high tech.
Should builder or home's buyer pay these property taxes?  NJ.comConfusion about who should pay, and a builder penalty, too.
Primer: All you wanted to know about tax breaks for selling multiple houses  Business StandardBuying and selling properties is part and parcel of any taxpayers life. It is not uncommon to purchase or sell houses either for monetary gains or to move into a ...
Most people want higher taxes on rich to support poor – OECD  The Guardian'Deeply troubling' survey of 21 countries finds 60% believe they are not getting 'fair share'
Billionaire investor Ron Baron: It's OK for me to pay 50% in taxes — but I could always move to Florida if I didn't want to  CNBCBillionaire Ron Baron says capitalism works for people if "they are educated and are able to take advantage of the system."
Louisville won't raise insurance taxes, but other Jefferson County cities will  Courier JournalMany of Jefferson County's 83 small cities had prepared to model their insurance premium tax rates off of Louisville Metro's increase.
China economy: Beijing unveils $298bn tax cuts to boost growth  BBC NewsChina's number two leader Li Keqiang has warned the country faces "a tough struggle," as he laid out plans to prop up the world's second-largest economy.
I-T department, other tax agencies can initiate insolvency: NCLAT  Business StandardThe Income Tax department of the central government, the sales tax department of the state government and other local authorities “who are entitled for dues ...
Court denies atheists who wanted pastors to pay more taxes  Washington ExaminerLast week, an appeals court reversed a previous ruling and protected a Chicago-based pastor and other religious leaders around the country from having their ...
How to find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO details?  Economic TimesAssessing Officer is authorized to assess the income tax return you have filed and if he finds any discrepancy in your filed return, he will send you a notice ...
Rich People Find It Hard to Flee States Targeted by SALT Limits  BloombergWealthy Americans contemplating a move to a low-tax state might want to reflect on these five tales of woe.
Trump promised tax cuts would bring back jobs, but GM workers in Ohio feel betrayed.  Center for Public IntegrityIs it the end of the line in Lordstown? Politicians play the blame game, while employees ponder an uncertain future. Trump's Tax Cuts: The Rich Get Richer ...
A visit to a medical lab or diagnostic centre can help you save tax; here's how  Economic TimesThis is a yearly phenomenon that happens at the end of every financial year. All kinds of financial *service* providers - right from banks to insurers to fund houses ...
Florida Sen. Rick Scott keeps trolling New York over its taxes  Rochester Democrat and ChronicleThe former Florida governor penned an op-ed and appeared on national TV to needle the Empire State.
Do I have to pay tax on insurance maturity proceeds?  Economic TimesI bought a Ulip in November 2008 with a 10-year tenure and recently got the maturity proceeds of Rs 1.8 lakh. The insurer did not cut any TDS on the maturity ...
Powerball's jackpot surges to $550 million. Here's what the winner would pay in taxes  CNBCRight off the bat, the IRS would shave tens of millions of dollars off the windfall, and more would be due at tax time.
Disabled can claim tax saving deductions up to Rs 1.25 lakh under sections 80DD, 80U  Economic TimesThe Income Tax Act allows deductions from your gross total income, before the levy of tax, if medical expenditure has been incurred on the treatment of a ...
Can tax deadline be extended? Casten seeks May 20 date  Chicago Daily HeraldU.S. Rep. Sean Casten of Downers Grove talks about extending the tax deadline, what's next with the Mueller report and why he's fine without paparazzi.
Taxing your privacy  TechCrunchData collection through mobile tracking is big business, and the potential for companies helping governments monetize this data is huge. For consumers ...
Remember The Grasim Demerger? It’s Staring At A Tax Hit Of Over Rs 5,800 Crore  BloombergQuintNearly two years after the Aditya Birla Group implemented a restructuring of group companies Nuvo, Grasim and Aditya Birla Capital, the income tax department ...
ET Wealth Wisdom: Tax-saving 101 for young earners  Economic TimesIn this week's ET Wealth Wisdom podcast, Shambhavi Mehrotra and Tania Kishore Jaleel try to simplify tax saving for young earners.
How to avoid last-minute tax planning mistakes  Economic TimesTaxpayers often commit mistakes in a rush to save tax. Here's how to avoid investing errors you might regret later.
What is pink tax and are you paying it ?  LivemintPink tax refers to the invisible cost that women have to pay for products designed and marketed specifically to them.One way to beat pink tax is to not fall for ...
French tax on internet giants could yield 500 million euros per year: Le Maire  CNBCA three percent tax on the French revenue of large internet companies could yield 500 million euros ($568.3 million) per year, French Finance Minister Bruno Le ...
Tax officials say undeclared properties worth Rs 41 cr found  Greater KashmirIncome tax department has started scrutiny of documents recovered during raids in Jammu and Kashmir, claiming its officials detected undeclared properties ...
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