The Top Ten Things You Dont Want to Hear About Losing Weight

(But What You Need to Know if You Want to Get Fit!) 10) No, you won't end up looking like the latest hot young model/singer/actress! Let's face it: your body is your body. It's the only one you've got. Can you still look great? Sure! But there are some things... Read More

8 Proven Weight Loss Tips

There are a lot of "crash" diets out there that promise that you'll drop a considerable amount of weight in days or a week.I have tried a few of these, and in my experience the weight always comes back on, just as quickly since the weight loss tips given are... Read More

3 Ways Going with the Flow Will Make You Fat - And What To Do About It!

Wanna know the truth? If you're going to be slim, you're going to have to swim against the current. You're going to have to take charge of your body and make your own decisions?cause if you go with the flow today, I guarantee that you're going to be... Read More

The Beginners Guide to Losing Weight

So you've decided that you're going to do it.You're sick and tired of being sick and tired and are once and for all hell bent on losing weight.Well, let me be the first to warn you of a very grim fact:Millions have tried before you and most of them have... Read More

Real Weight Loss Begins Today...With Cliff Kuhn, M.D.s Fun Factor Diet!

Weight Loss is something that many Americans struggle with. In this article, Cliff Kuhn, M.D. will teach you why your weight loss techniques so far have been unsuccessful, and how to correctly lose weight - and keep it off!P.T. Barnum, who dedicated his life to entertaining the masses, often relied... Read More

Pick Up Your Pen and Lose Weight!

Although every dieter knows that keeping food records is a key to permanent weight loss, few understand the importance of also keeping an "emotional journal." In fact, one dieter lost 100 pounds, thanks in part to the insights gained through daily journaling. Dieting for weight loss can be as simple... Read More

Can Writing Actually Improve Your Health?

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, writing about stressful life events helped reduce symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis in patients with these chronic illnesses. The effects of the writing exercise were still evident four months later and resulted in clinically meaningful improvements in patient symptoms. Interestingly,... Read More

Questioning Cardio for Weight Loss?

Q: I've heard you mention that you don't need tons of cardio to burn stubborn abdominal fat. Okay, I can live with that, but you've also said that it isn't absolutely necessary to perform direct ab work either. What gives?A: If you want to build a serious set of abdominals,... Read More

Ten Important Things to Know Before You Join a Weight Loss Program

1. What is my BMI and how do I calculate it? BMI means Body Mass Index. The value is associated with body fat and health risks. Healthy weight is defined as a BMI equal to or greater than 19 and less than 25 among all people aged 20... Read More

Top 10 Questions and Answers on Atkins Diet

1. What is Atkins Diet? Dr. Atkins diet, first introduced in 1972, is strictly focused on limiting carbohydrate consumption. That is why it is called a low-carb, high-protein diet or sometimes simply a low-carb diet, together with other diets such as South Beach Diet, Power Protein Diet etc... ... Read More

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Weight loss story: “I was 31-year-old and had started looking double my age!”  Times of India"If you are overweight, you might be called fat, if you are thin, you might be called skinny and if you are strong, people may call you masculine. Thi.
Do you know what happens to your body fat when you lose weight?  Times of IndiaThere is no denying that weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit. You lose weight when you burn more calories for energy than you consume it. But have ...
Weight Loss: Cook High-Protein, Low-Fat Tandoori Chicken For Your Diet With This Easy Recipe Video  NDTV FoodTry this easy low-fat tandoori chicken recipe, which can be a great addition to your weight loss diet.
Weight Loss: This 4-Ingredient Healthy Juice May Help You Detox  NDTV FoodIf you have been bingeing quite a lot on greasy foods lately, it's time for you to put a halt on this routine as over-indulging in junk could spell danger for your ...
Key to fast weight loss could be yoghurts – it could tackle childhood obesity, docs say  The SunOBESE kids should eat more yoghurt in order to boost their weight loss, doctors have revealed. They say the probiotics, may also reduce their risk of developing ...
The Best Ways to Burn Body Fat Fast, According to Weight Loss Doctors  msnNOWWith a few changes to your routine, you can lose 1 to 2% of your body fat in a few weeks.
High-Protein, Low-Carb Sprouted Moong Dal Snack For Weight Loss: Watch Recipe Video Here  NDTV FoodWeight Loss: This snack makes for a delicious and weight-loss-friendly small meal. It is also perfect to be served as an appetiser at a party you host.
Can You Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss?  Health Essentials from Cleveland ClinicCan you really speed up your metabolism? An endocrinologist explains effective strategies for weight loss, plus four ways to change your weight set point.
Weight Loss: Instead Of Tracking Calories And Steps, Try These 5 Mindful Apps  NDTV NewsAre you counting calories and steps all the time? You can try mindfulness to reach your fitness goals. Few simple app can help you do so. Here are five mindful ...
Weight loss story: 'I lost 20 kilos in 3 months after someone told me I cannot lose weight because of my  Times of India28-year-old Sidharth was determined to prove naysayers wrong and lose weight for better health after a scary medical diagnosis. To know how he did this, read ...
Intermittent Fasting: Break Your Fast With These 5 Weight Loss-Friendly Foods In Intermittent Fasting  NDTV NewsIntermittent fasting: Eating pineapples for breaking fast in intermittent fasting can help in improving digestion, reducing inflammation and ease symptoms of ...
Best weight loss: Eat this before daily meals to burn belly fat and eat less calories  ExpressWEIGHT LOSS can be achieved in many ways. By eating this particular food just before daily meals, slimmers could reduce their belly fat by eating fewer ...
5 ways sweet potatoes can help you lose weight  Times of IndiaDon't we all love sweet potatoes? Absolutely yes. This is because sweet potatoes are not just yummy but are also packed with Vitamin A, minerals and plant ...
Tuna Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?  HealthlineThe tuna diet is a short-term eating pattern in which you mainly eat tuna and water. While it causes rapid weight loss, it is very restrictive and has several extreme ...
Green Coffee: Benefits, Weight Loss, and Side Effects  HealthlineGreen coffee is an increasingly popular beverage and weight loss supplement. This article reviews green coffee, including its potential benefits and risks.
Weight loss story: 'I was really unhappy with the way I looked! So I lost 32 kilos'  Times of IndiaManvi Kaushal, a 33-year-old nutritionist, realised that she needed to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle in order to be confident again. From battling harsh ...
The reality behind ghee for weight loss  Times of IndiaIf you are trying to lose weight, we are sure you have shunned fat from your diet and the first thing to go off the shelf is ghee, also known as clarified butter. Right?
Hairy Bikers weight loss: How Dave and Si lost seven stone after health scare  ExpressHAIRY BIKERS Dave Myers, 62, and Simon “Si” King, 51, are best known for presenting various cooking shows. The duo recently lost a combined seven stone, ...
Cork dad's weight loss story: The final straw was getting stuck in a GAA turnstile. Now Kevin has lost 13 stone in 16 months  Echo LiveWHEN Cloyne man Kevin Lawton was 48 years old, he weighed 31 and a half stone and he couldn't walk a mile down the road without stopping to lean against ...
Study claims you can lose 1-inch of belly fat in 6 weeks by doing this 7-minute exercise  Times of IndiaLosing stubborn belly fat is not a child's play. It is the most dangerous kind of fat and the most difficult to get rid of. You need to lose your overall body weight to ...
Peanut Butter and Weight Gain: All You Need to Know  HealthlineDue to its high calorie and fat *content*, you may wonder whether peanut butter may cause weight gain over time. This article reviews peanut butter's effect on ...
Weight loss from vegan diet influenced by gut microbiota  HealioAdults who ate a vegan diet lost more weight and experienced improved insulin sensitivity compared with those who maintained regular dietary habits, and ...
Weight loss story: “I had a big, round belly during my Goa trip and decided to lose weight!”  Times of IndiaHis weight-loss journey is incredibly motivating and makes you realise that anything is possible if you have the willpower.
THIS kind of body fat can actually help you lose weight  Times of IndiaThe best way to lose weight is no more a secret. Healthy meals accompanied by regular workouts make for the best weight loss recipe.
This Is What Happened When I Stopped Using Exercise as a Way to Lose Weight  Health.comOne 26-year-old woman says she only worked out because she wanted to stay small and thin. Here's how her mind and body changed when she stopped using.
Cycling for weight loss: How to slash body fat by riding a bike  Daily StarCycling isn't just fun, but a great weight loss tool – here is how to slash body fat by riding a bike.
Celebrity MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace shows off six pack after three stone weight loss  ExpressGREGG WALLACE, 54, has impressed fans after sharing an image of his six pack in progress, following his three stone weight loss. So how did he get in shape?
Weight loss story: At 94 kilos, my feet started to swell up and I couldn't even walk properly!  Times of India31-year-old Sunaina did not think her TB problem would prove to be so costly until it brought along additional weight problems and made her a victim of stress ...
Jennifer Aniston reveals SHOCKING truth behind 30lbs weight loss  HELLO!Jennifer Aniston has revealed the shocking reason behind her weight loss before she made it big in Hollywood.
How to Follow a Cutting Diet for Weight Loss  HealthlineA cutting diet is a popular diet among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to maximize weight loss but maintain muscle mass. This article explains ...
Weight loss story: “I lost 25 kilos after someone told me I cannot lose weight!”  Times of IndiaThe world can be a really cruel place for someone who is overweight. 33-year-old Jatin Dewan realised that he needed to do something about his weight if he ...
7 detox drinks 7 days of the week for quick weight loss  Times of IndiaAsk someone who has been trying to lose weight for months and years, the willingness to try every new thing comes from the frustration of not losing weight ...
Weight loss drinks: Healthful options for a diet and what to avoid  Medical News TodayHealthful weight loss requires changes to exercise and diet routines. Some drinks may support weight loss, while others add calories. Learn more here.
Weight Loss Diet: This Delish Papaya Salad Will Changed The Way You've Seen Papayas So Far!  NDTV FoodWeight loss can prove to be an overwhelming task for many, but if you are willing to experiment with newer ingredients - you can make your weight loss journey ...
Weight loss: Can probiotics help you lose weight?  Times of IndiaProbiotics are good for gut health, which is necessary for the proper functioning of other systems of your body.
Weight loss story: “The doctor had warned me that I needed to take care of my weight before it was too la  Times of IndiaIt was only when he was warned by the doctor that it was high time and he needed to take care of himself, Sahil decided to take control of his health.
Raiders RB Josh Jacobs dealing with weight loss from illness  Roll Tide WireThe Raiders have put a major emphasis on utilizing rookie running back Josh Jacobs. But an illness could be slowing down that progress.
Simon Cowell reveals MAJOR downside following weight loss and healthy eating  HELLO!Terri Seymour interviewed her good friend Simon Cowell on the America's Got Talent red carpet, and Simon revealed the way his healthy new regime has ...
East Cooper Medical Center launches new weight-loss procedure  Charleston Regional BusinessEast Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant completed its first Orbera balloon nonsurgical weight loss procedure Wednesday. Dr. Morris Washington with ...
Best breakfast foods for weight loss  Medical News TodayWe explore the best foods to eat at breakfast for people trying to lose weight. We also discuss healthful breakfast options for vegans and vegetarians.
Weight loss: This diet plan can help you slim down fast - are you making common mistake?  ExpressLOSING weight can be achieved by eating less and moving more. A diet plan, such as intermittent fasting, can help slimmers stay on track but they must follow ...
Katie Price slammed by fans for saying weight loss drink BoomBod helped her lose weight – after getting lipo  The SunKATIE Price has been blasted by fans after saying weight loss drinks have always helped her slim down - despite having had liposuction. The 41-year-old ...
Eggs for weight loss: Cook eggs this way to speed up weight loss  Times of Indiahough eggs in themselves are very healthy and compliment weight loss, there are some other add-ons which you can do to speed up your weight loss.
Weighing your options: Cutting down on just 300 calories a day can help in weight loss, lower cholesterol  Economic TimesCaloric restriction can have a beneficial impact on a wide range of health factors.
CouRage reveals how Ariana Grande meeting inspired weight loss goals  DexertoCouRage explains how one photo encouraged him to make a lifestyle change.
Weight Loss: This 3-Ingredient Protein-Rich Soya Chunk Delight May Help You Shed Extra Kilos  NDTV FoodDietary protein not only helps build and repair muscles but also induces a feeling of satiety, which facilitates weight loss by keeping uncontrolled bingeing at ...
Weight Loss: Mixing Dieting, Exercise May Harm Bone Health, Says Study; Know Ways To Promote Bone Health When Trying To Lose Weight  NDTV NewsExercise and a restricted diet is the right combination to lose weight. But can this ratio affect more than your weight? A recent study says that this combination ...
Weight Loss Diet: Essential Nutrients You Need For Losing Weight Quickly  NDTV NewsNutrition is an important part of weight loss regime, along with exercise. Quick weight loss doesn't come easy. But you definitely don't need to starve yourself for ...
Brain behind banting craze launches new weight-loss programme  702Real Meal Revolution CEO Jonno Proudfoot has created a brand new programme designed to redefine your relationship with food.
Sandi Toksvig weight loss: Bake Off host lost a staggering four stone with this diet plan  ExpressSANDI TOKSVIG, 61, is a writer and broadcaster who hosts The Great British Bake Off. She has slimmed down in recent years, what diet plan did she use?
Weight Loss: This Protein And Fibre Packed Salad Is Sure To Aid Your Weight Loss Plan  NDTV FoodWeight loss is no cakewalk. It requires an enormous amount of discipline, a healthy diet, and workout regime. Many people often start a diet but are unable to ...
Best supplements for weight loss: Three supplements proven to aid weight loss  ExpressBEST supplements for weight loss: Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise are two sure ways to help a person lose weight, but some experts say the addition ...
David Davis weight loss: Conservative MP used diet to shed 2st - what plan did he follow?  ExpressDAVID DAVIS, Conservative MP, has dropped nearly two stone after struggling with his weight. What did he do? Did he follow a diet plan?
Maintaining Your Weight Loss Is Easier Than It Sounds — Here's What an Expert Said to Do  POPSUGARTo maintain your weight loss, an expert recommends continuing what you did to lose weight until you've reached your goal weight.
Mum’s shows off 4st weight loss – WITHOUT doing any exercise and still enjoying chocolate  The SunWITH four young kids, Katie Maber barely had time to herself. The busy mum also had a business to run and her health and wellbeing fell to the bottom of her 'To ...
Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss: Food List and Meal Plan  HealthlineSome people may find it difficult to lose weight on a vegetarian diet. This article tells you how to lose weight on a vegetarian diet.
James 'Arg' Argent is unrecognisable as he shows off slim frame following impressive weight loss  HeartThe former TOWIE star has lost a lot of weight recently after training to swim the English channel.
Gregg Wallace weight loss: Masterchef judge cut this from his diet to shed three stone  ExpressGREGG WALLACE, 54, is a presenter and judge on Masterchef. In the past, he has opened up about his three stone weight loss. How did he do it?
Things We Saw Today: Instagram Is Putting New Limits on Posts Pushing Weight Loss Products  The Mary SueInstagram has added on a new set of limitations as to who can see these sponsored weight-loss posts and what they can promise.
Weight loss story: “People thought that I was 35 years old when I was just 20!”  Times of IndiaHis weight loss journey is an inspiration and a lesson that almost anything is possible in life if you have the willpower. Read on.
Weight Loss: Do you stress eat? Here are 5 healthy snacks to munch on during stressful hours at the office  PINKVILLAWe all love munching on food and there's no denying that! But the munching and eating get worse when you are stressed and we can totally relate to that.
THIS is what Kareena Kapoor Khan eats every day to lose weight!  Times of IndiaFrom shedding the stubborn post-pregnancy kilos with ease to her jaw-dropping sartorial choices, Kareena Kapoor Khan is surely a trendsetter. Even though ...
Operation weight loss  Times of IndiaCHENNAI: If you've been on the heavier side for years, there's nothing that tests your morale more than that yet another diet plan.
Piers Morgan weight loss: The Good Morning Britain host used this plan to slim down  ExpressPIERS MORGAN, 54, is an English journalist and broadcaster who regularly appears on Good Morning Britain. What has he said about weight loss?
Weight loss: Superfoods to help you lose those extra kilos easily  PINKVILLAIn today's listicle we have listed down fruits which are easy to consume and are great catalysts in speeding your weight loss process.
Adrienne Bailon Reveals Major Weight Loss and the Diet Behind It  BravoTV personality Adrienne Bailon has slimmed down after following a vegan diet. The Real co-host recently opened up about her lifestyle changes on air, ...
Air Force mulls fitness assessment changes to reduce risks from rapid weight loss  Stars and StripesThe Air Force is considering changes to the way it conducts fitness assessments to prevent airmen from over-taxing their bodies to try to meet test standards, the ...
Weight loss story: This woman lost 10 kilos in just 4 months and her kids are her inspiration!  Times of IndiaParents, you may relate with the weight loss journey of Nilaja Sanket Paranjape. Amidst daily chores and taking care of two kids, she did not realise that ...
McDonald’s addict’s incredible 16-stone weight loss after being told he’d lose his foot  The SunTIPPING the scales at a staggering 31 stone, George Middleton knew he needed to drastically turn his life around. The law graduate, 31, had become a ...
Simon Cowell Discusses His Weight Loss, Reveals He’s Given Up Everything He Loves Minus Alcohol And Smoking  ETCanada.comSimon Cowell talks weight loss and turning 60 during an appearance on Tuesday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show". DeGeneres asks Cowell about changing his diet, ...
Philadelphia 76ers: 3 possible impacts of Joel Embiid’s weight loss  The Sixer SenseThe Philadelphia 76ers can benefit in several ways with the positive news about Joel Embiid's weight change that came out recently.
Weight loss diet: Eating more of this food can help you burn fat fast - what is it?  ExpressMost people know weight loss can be achieved by moving more and eating less and a diet plan can help slimmers stay on track. There are many different plans ...
Stephen Fry weight loss: Comedian reveals the simple exercise trick that saw him lose 6st  ExpressSTEPHEN FRY has revealed the secret behind his nearly six stone weight loss, crediting a simple exercise with helping him to drop the pounds.
Weight loss: Here’s how Triphala can help you lose weight  Times of IndiaTriphala is a traditional ayurvedic medicine, which is used to treat various health conditions since ancient times. It is a mixture of three dried fruits, namely-Indian ...
How many times you should eat in a day to lose weight  Times of IndiaSome people believe that eating often can make their metabolism burn more calories, but that's not always the case.
Weight loss: Here’s how ashwagandha can help you lose weight  Times of IndiaAshwagandha, also called Indian ginseng is an Ayurvedic supplement used for its medicinal purposes. It helps in dealing with a number of problems including ...
Keto Diet For Weight Loss: This High-Fat Condiment Can Be A Perfect Addition To Your Keto Diet Plan  NDTV FoodDoes it get too monotonous for you to use same regular keto ingredients in your keto recipes? Fret not, we're here to give you a stellar recipe of one of the keto ...
Jonathan Ross weight loss: Chat show king lost two stone on ‘easy’ slimming plan  ExpressJonathan Ross, 58, followed the popular keto diet plan to lose weight recently. The dad-of-three revealed that he followed the plan to shed two stone during an ...
Jess Lost 145 Pounds, Went From a Size 22 to a 6, and Still Ate 6 Times a Day  POPSUGAR"I struggled with my weight for 19 years of my life," 25-year old Jessica Messina (@jessmakesgains on Instagram) told POPSUGAR. She said she had.
John Torode weight loss: Masterchef judge used this simple diet trick to shed three stone  ExpressJOHN TORODE, 54, is an Australian chef who often shows off his culinary skills on TV. He has recently lost three stone. How did he do it?
Weight loss: Can coffee diet help you lose weight?  Times of IndiaHow many of you can't do without a piping hot cup of coffee as soon as you get up? We are sure many of us fall in this list. If you are a coffee lover.
Weight Loss: This Amla-Based Power Drink May Help You Shed A Few Kilos  NDTV FoodWeight loss isnt necessarily about just shedding some extra kilos but opting for an overall healthy lifestyle for which certain additions like this amla-based power ...
Can chia seeds help with weight loss? Nutrition facts and information  Medical News TodayInitial research suggests that chia seeds may have a slight effect on weight loss. Find out more about this research and how to include chia seeds in the diet.
Weight loss: Finally, a body-positive diet plan that you can try!  Times of IndiaWhether your ultimate goal is weight loss or you just want to stay healthy, following a healthy diet plan is one of the first things that comes to our mind. However ...
Weight loss story: 'A girl called me 'uncle' in Goa' and it was really heartbreaking for me!'  Times of IndiaNothing feels worse than being called uncle/aunty when you are just 31-year-old, isn't it? Vineet Garg faced a similar situation when he went to Goa and was ...
Common Pesticides Delay Songbird Migration, Trigger Significant Weight Loss  Smithsonian.comA class of pesticides linked with declining insect numbers across the globe has similarly negative effects on wild songbird populations, new research suggests.
Speed Up Your Metabolism With These Drinks For Effective Weight Loss  NDTV NewsThe better your metabolism is the effective your weight loss process is. If you have high metabolism you burn more calories which makes it easier for you to lose ...
Weight Loss: This Baked Pumpkin Meal Is Perfect For Those On A Diet  NDTV FoodIf you are on a weight loss diet, this dish is perfect for you. Pumpkin is baked along with the goodness of garlic, another food with astounding health benefits.
Vanessa Feltz shows off her 3.5 stone weight loss as she leads the stars at Mamma Mia! The Party  Daily MailThe presenter, 57, looked incredible as she proudly displayed her weight loss in a strapless pink chiffon dress with a sequinned shawl draped around her ...
Mariah Carey Flaunts Weight Loss In Plunging Body-Hugging Dress  The InquisitrMariah's showing off her curves after dropping the pounds. Mariah Carey is putting her weight loss on display in stunning new snaps shared to Instagram.
Plant-Based Diet Helps With Weight Loss And Slashes Diabetes Risk, Study Says  Plant Based NewsNew research suggests a 16-week vegan diet can boost gut bacteria linked to improvements in body weight, body composition, and blood sugar control.
Weight loss story: Read how this woman lost massive 27 kilos by making simple lifestyle changes  Times of IndiaTo know how she achieved this nearly impossible feat of losing a massive 27 kilos in 1.5 years, read on.
Weight loss: 7 food items people think are low in carbs but they actually aren't  Times of IndiaThere is a big following of low-carb diet all across the world. People willing to stay fit or lose weight are all opting for this new diet trend. It seems simple to follow.
Type 2 diabetes, obesity: Weight loss surgery may lower death risk  Medical News TodayA large study finds that weight loss surgery lowers the risk of death and cardiovascular events among people with obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Weight loss: Busting 5 myths related to low-carb diets  Times of IndiaLow-carb diets have gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. It is a popular weight loss diet trend in which people are encouraged to limit their carb ...
DJ mum’s incredible 44kg weight loss leaves her unrecognisable | Photo feeling of dread filled Bonnie Staimer's stomach every time she took to the stage to DJ.
Are you trying to lose weight? Here's how peanuts can help you with it  PINKVILLAPeople usually believe that consuming peanuts can lead to weight gain. But peanuts if consumed in moderation, can aid weight loss. Read below to find out how ...
Greggs sausage roll addict’s 7st weight loss after ditching pastry for fakeaways  The SunSCOFFING on Greggs sausage rolls every day for two years, Catherine Hellyer's weight was spiralling out of control. The 27-year-old had ballooned to nearly 17 ...
Best weight loss: Woman loses four stone on this diet plan - what is it?  ExpressWhen it comes to losing weight, slimmers will be on the lookout for the best weight loss plans. One woman recently lost 4st 7lbs by combining two diet plans and ...
How to lose weight according to a 38-year-old, who lost 20 kgs by walking and playing tennis  GQ India - What a man's got to doFind out how to lose weight like this guy who lost 20 kgs by walking & playing tennis. His weight loss journey & workouts you need to follow to get fit.
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